Wow products from REFLECTS with Splash refinement

Configurable promotional products:
Innovative items and enhanced flexibility

High quality and professional promotional items for your target group are our what we specialise in. Of course, in an age where sustainability is a cherished commodity, we possess an eye for both longevity and practical utility. All of our items are designed for your advertising campaigns and achieve the maximum possible effect.

This is exactly where our individual concept comes into play: the items consist of several components that are optional in part. Due to the high stock quantities for all individual parts and their assembly at our headquarters in Cologne, we can guarantee you maximum flexibility and fast processing for your desired product.

Articles from our WOW product series can be purchased from as little as one piece. Low minimum quantities for special production runs give you greater room for individual product solutions. Our mission: we offer every interested advertiser the optimal stage for shining the spotlight on their own advertising message.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • High quality & durable products
  • Optional components in part
  • Large colour selection
  • High stock quantities and product assembly in Cologne
  • Fast processing and shipping

  • Refinement work completed in Cologne
  • Orders possible from one piece
  • Low minimum quantities for customised products
  • Online configuration
  • Provision of marketing materials

colorful silicone addons for drinking bottle myNizza arranged in a circle

Wide variety of colours:
Assemble products according a specific corporate identity

Depending on the product, you can choose between different colours. Furthermore, considering the respective component, up to 18 colours are available. All individual parts offered are available from stock in Cologne.

Thanks to the generous colour selection, you can visually customise the product and adapt it to the customer’s corporate colours. Set visual accents and ensure a high recognition value!

RETUMBLER and REEVES products with Splash finishing

High quality and durable products

Inspire your target group with a high-quality product and ensure a positive and valuable contribution to brand image. Our products are all BPA- and toxin free. These are subject to strict regulations and undergo frequent inspection and testing.

We want you to savour fantastic product experiences. That is why we have devoted so much special attention to the product details. For example, we have opted for a very fine powder coating or anti-fingerprint lacquer on stainless steel surfaces.
In addition, we are committed to greater sustainability: we want to contribute to a more sustainable way of life through the durability of our products, as well as using individual components that can be more easily separated, thereby ensuring easier recycling.

Confectioning thermal mug myKingston

Stock, packaging and customisation in Cologne

All components are available in a multitude of colours in large quantities from us in Cologne. In addition, the products are assembled by us according to your desired configuration and finished with printing or engraving. This is how we guarantee fast delivery times.

An additional benefit for you is that, by doing so, we can offer you highly individualised products from one piece and can also implement small-scale orders as needed.

myRETUMBLER promotional products - mugs and bottles

Marketing materials for distributors

Have the products already won you over? But you need help to present all the benefits of these highly customisable products to your customers? We are happy to help!

You have the choice between digital and manual marketing materials. All our digital sales aids are free of charge. We will be happy to provide you with presentations, a short online catalogue for the product of your choice, or even image material.

Do you have an online shop? Our configurators can also be integrated into your website via iFrame. Enquiries about the product are sent directly to your desired email address. 

Do you still prefer the product to be in your hands? Simply order your product samples in our online shop.

Do you still have any questions? Our Sales Team will be happy to advise you on all marketing materials.