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REFLECTS Webshop Cutouts

The REFLECTS® website and online shop

Are you familiar with all the services and possibilities offered by our website? The REFLECTS® webshop is available to you 365 days a year, around the clock. It offers you the possibility to access our products and services at any time.

We are constantly developing our online shop and offer you various applications. This includes, for example, the calculation of your advertising placement or the configuration of certain products directly online. In addition, you can manage your own data and orders with webshop account.

On this page, you will find detailed information on how to make the best use of our website and online shop. In addition, we provide detailed information about our web tracking and what this means for you as a website visitor. In the following, switch to a topic on which you would like to receive more detailed information.

REFLECTS Onlineshop Header - Navigation, search and login area

The website “header”:
Navigation, search & login area

The website “header” remains on all sub-pages. There you will find our search bar, navigation, company logo, contact details and icons with links to login, notepad and shopping cart.

Tip: A simple click on the company logo will always take you back to the homepage.

Navigation: Shop and content:

In the main navigation function, you will find our shop, as well as all information about our company, our products, special services and inspirations for promotional items.

Move the mouse pointer over the desired category to display several sub-categories. On mobile devices, the top navigation is in a fold-out menu.

REFLECTS shop navigation opened


Our entire product range ex stock Cologne is available for you in our webshop. You will receive detailed item information, current stocks, variant and price details and information on advertising placement.

REFLECTS Navigation - Services unfolded


  • Online catalogues: View and download our online flip catalogues for our brands and configurable products.
  • Trade Marketing: Here you will find all promotional materials and marketing services for retailers.
  • Videos: Are you looking for a more visual illustration of our highlight products? Then you are in the right place!
  • Webshop-Onboarding: All functions and services of the webshop are explained here.
  • Finishing: Here you will find information on our in-house customisation as well as more detailed information on doming, laser engraving, pad printing and UV printing.
  • Branded samples: Here you can find our samples of selected products with sample finishing available for ordering.
  • Product configurators: Would you like a brief overview of all configurable products? Here is the quick access to all configurable products.
REFLECTS novelties presented

The latest innovations:

Here you will find our latest products in chronological order.

REFLECTS Navigation - Inspiration unfolded


Looking for ideas for promotional items for special occasions like Christmas or a sustainable product for a green campaign? Then you’ve come to the right place in the Inspiration section.

REFLECTS Navigation - About REFLECTS unfolded


In this category, we provide general information about our company. Here you can find our sales team with the corresponding contact information. In addition, our job offers are published here. We also convey our company history, as well as the company’s attitude and values under this heading.

REFLECTS Onlineshop Footer - Social Media Buttons, Service, Information, Current Catalogues

All’s well that ends well – The website footer

The footer is a section of a web page. It is located at the bottom of the web page and remains the same on every page. Here you will find important information such as our address and telephone number, our terms and conditions and data protection information.

Follow us:

Here you will find links to our social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


  • Contact: If you have any questions about our products, services or other requests, please use our contact form.
  • T&Cs: Our General Terms and Conditions are always available to you in the footer.


  • Legal Notice: Legal information about the website owner
  • Sitemap: Complete, hierarchically structured overview of all sub-pages of the REFLECTS® website.
  • Jobs & Career: Our current vacancies
  • Info & Press: Current press releases and information for our customers
  • Data Protection: Our detailed data protection information
  • Cookie settings: Please choose by yourself which cookies you would like to approve.

Current catalogues:

You can discover our new online catalogues with just one click.

Note text:

As a B2B shop, we indicate further information on the price with an asterisk. This text is displayed in the website footer. Our prices are quoted net, plus statutory value added tax. Shipping costs and cash on delivery charges may apply.

The online shop

The product listing

The product listing is the overview of all products in a category. It can be more than one page, depending on the category. The listing shows simplified product information.

REFLECTS Onlineshop - Products listed

Filters: Filters help you to narrow down your selection. For example, filter by brand, capacity, finishing option and/or price of the item.

Page navigation: Page navigation is typical for a webshop. Here you will find all product categories with their sub-categories. To display sub-categories, first select a main category and navigate further there.

Inventory listing: The listing shows you our inventory, including the future deliveries of goods. 

Price: Our prices are indicated with “from”. We will quote you the price in the most favourable quantity scale in each case.

Change filter: Our standard filter shows you new and frequently purchased items first. Alternatively, you can display the filter alphabetically or by price.

Breadcrumb: More overview in the shop with the breadcrumb – The so-called breadcrumb navigation function shows you the click path within the categories. This means that you will be shown the classification in our page structure. You can easily scroll back through this navigation to access similar items.

The product page

REFLECTS vacuum thermo mug product detail page

Key features:

  • The most important features of the product at a glance.

Product data:
  • Product description: More information about the product
  • General info: Information on the product name, product number and materials, used as well as the product colour.
  • Features: All product features at a glance
  • Customisation: The maximum customisation range of the product, the handling category (A to D) and the available finishing options are indicated here.
  • Packaging: All information on packaging and product dimensions, as well as product weight and quantities, are listed here.
  • Purchasing: For more transparency within product procurement, you can see the customs tariff number and the product’s country of origin at this point.

Advertising placement:

  • You can access the finishing calculation via the drop-down menu “With branding”.

Stock information:

  • The current stock plus expected deliveries with number of pieces


  • Similar products that match your selected product

Unit prices ex stock:
  • Not logged in: Industry prices for scaled quantities
  • Logged in: With webshop access, your wholesale prices are visible.
  • You can ask us for direct import prices.

Calculate advertising placement online

REFLECTS branding and select refinement

Select finishing:

To access the calculation, select “With advertising placement” on the product page in the drop-down menu located below the prices. In the standard version, “Without advertising placement” is always preselected. A window opens, showing you the available finishing types suitable for the product in the form of icons with labelling.

There you select your desired finishing by clicking on the icon.

Please note the info box indicating the available print size for the product. The possible print areas result from the final artwork. You can download them via a button.

In the next step, you must enter your desired product quantity in the number field. You will then receive a transparent overview of all costs incurred. If you would like to receive a preliminary sample for your order, you can select this option by clicking on the tick.

REFLECTS finishing calculation - compare scale of prices

Compare scales and place order:

Click on the button “Show more scales” so that the advertising placement window expands by two more scales. Change the quantities in the payment fields to compare costs. You can then download the offer via “Print offer”.

If you are not logged in, you can download the offer with industry price and/or make an enquiry. If you have webshop access, you can add the desired quantity to the shopping cart. You can also upload the graphic files for your product via the shopping cart.

REFLECTS Shipping costs overview

Shipping costs

Our promotional items are shipped worldwide with UPS.

You can view the shipping costs for “UPS Standard” per box in tabular form. Click on the text link “Shipping costs” to open an overview page. In addition to the cost overview per delivery country, you will find an explanation of how you can calculate your shipping costs yourself. (The item quantity per shipping box can be found in the product description under the item “Packaging”).

In addition, we offer an effective shipping price calculation in real time as part of the order completion process. There you can automatically calculate the desired shipping method, such as express delivery.

Online configurator screenshots for myBayamo, myNizza, myKingston

Online product configurators

Our highlight products can be configured via the website. The items consist of several (in part optional) components, which are offered in many different colours. All individual parts offered are available from stock in Cologne.

This is how it works:

Selecting and configuring a “Wow” product is easy. Go to the navigation item “Services” and select the sub-item “Product configuration”. There, you can decide on the product of your choice by clicking on the tile and are automatically taken to the configurator.

Each colour of the individual components can be selected individually. The dots on the left correspond to the colours available for the product. You can click on them as often as you like until you get your desired colour combination. The product image makes it easy to track any changes you make. The inventory is updated depending on the selection and availability of components. If gift wrapping is not included, it can be chosen separately. The packaging image is displayed by moving the mouse pointer over the “Packaging” box.

Online flip catalogue:

Our online flip catalogues are available for our four brands, as well as our configurable promotional items. You can find our catalogues via the navigation under “Services” or via the start page.

In the online catalogue, you have the option of viewing individual products up close using the zoom function. Downloading or printing individual pages or the complete catalogue are also possible. You will find the navigation bar for this under the catalogue’s image.

Transparent web tracking and data protection

What are cookies?

At the beginning of your visit to our website, you will also be asked which cookies you wish to accept. Cookies are small blocks of data that websites can store on the visitor’s device. This can be, for example, information about the language selection, the visitor’s time zone or session information for the shopping cart function. Generally, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), user consent must be obtained before a cookie is stored. It must also be disclosed which cookies are used. Technically necessary cookies do not require consent. All data is anonymised and encrypted.

Are cookies generally bad?

Not in general, but a distinction must be made here: Cookies are a common means deployed on the web to provide or improve offers for users. The functions of cookies are manifold. For example, there are cookies that are necessary for the proper function of an online shop, e.g. for the language selection of a website or the login status.

Some cookies are used to identify and track a user. This sounds strange at first, but it is essential for the website operator. Only in this way can it be determined how many customers visit the shop and which pages they access. This is the so-called statistical web tracking.

In addition, cookies are used for web services that generate personalised advertising for users. In the process, data is passed on to third parties. It is important to differentiate between these cookies.

REFLECTS Cookie Settings

Types of cookies:

  • Technically necessary cookies: Technically necessary cookies ensure the basic function of a web shop, such as the shopping basket function in the online shop or saving your watch lists. In addition, a cookie saves your cookie settings so that you are not asked again each time you visit the website. Our technically necessary cookies include:
  • Session: We use session cookies to enable you to use the basic function of the webshop. These cookies are deleted again after closing the webshop.
    CRSF protection: CRSF protection prevents hackers from performing actions in the online shop on your behalf.
    Time zone: Your time zone is recorded to determine your geographical location. No specific addresses are determined in the process.
  • Statistics cookies: Statistics cookies help us, as a website operator, to understand how visitors interact with our website. The information we collect is evaluated anonymously. From this, we derive necessary changes to the website that should lead to enhanced user-friendliness. No data will be passed on to third parties.

  • Our main web tracking via the Matomo service is located in-house on our proprietary servers. No data will be passed on to third parties. All data is anonymised and encrypted. In addition, we use Google Analytics with the activation of IP anonymisation.
  • Marketing cookies: Marketing cookies are used to serve personalised advertisements. User behaviour, i.e. products clicked on in the shop, is analysed and stored by cookies. When you leave the website and continue to browse the web, the products you have viewed will be displayed to you in the form of advertising. In the process, data is transmitted to third parties. We do not use this type of cookie.

Ongoing contact options:

The so-called floating action buttons are three elements that are always positioned at the lower right edge of the screen. They offer you a practical form of assistance if you want to contact us directly via telephone or email, or if you want to go straight to the top of the website.

REFLECTS product listing page with contact buttons

Desktop: In the desktop view, you need to click on the “Phone” and “Email” buttons to open our phone number or email address. By clicking on the respective element again, the selected action is carried out. Our “Back to top of page” button takes you back to the top of the website with one click.

REFLECTS smartphone - ongoing contact options unfolded

Smartphone: On the smartphone, the floating action buttons “Email” and “Phone” are hidden behind a circular plus element. When the element is selected, the menu is opened. With a single click, you can now switch to “Email”, “Telephone” and “Back-to-Top”.

Product comparison: The differences at a glance

To make it easy for you to compare articles with each other, we have added a new function for you. Up to four items can be compared at once.

How it works:

Product box with reference to product comparison icon

  • Use the comparison symbol on the item, either in the listing (category page with product box) or directly on the product page.

Product comparison icons

  • If one or more items are in the comparison, the comparison symbol appears in a cyan-coloured box at the bottom left.
  • The number shows you how many items you have already added for comparison.
  • Clicking on the box will take you to the comparison overview, where all the added items will be listed. Alternatively, you can also get there via the comparison symbol in the navigation bar.

Product comparison online - side overview page

  • Add more items or click on “Compare now” and you will be taken to the comparison view. 

Product comparison online

  • You can download the comparison as a PDF or print it out directly by clicking on the “Print” button.

Our webshop with login

REFLECTS® webshop advantages

Download Symbol in cyan

Downloads: The download area on the product page will be activated when logged-in. There you can download further information, images in different resolutions and marketing material (new) for products.

Notepad with heart icon

Wishlist: You can manage interesting products for your customers in wishlists. Create, manage and share lists.

Euro Icon

Prices: Wholesale prices are displayed as soon as you are logged into the shop. Display of scaled prices in the webshop.

List with checkmark icon

Order overview: You can view your orders at any time and track your order progress.

Sale Icon

2% discount: You will immediately receive a 2% online discount in the shopping cart.

Logo Icon

Advertising placement: You can choose a customisation directly for your product, add it to the shopping cart and upload the logo file.

REFLECTS download area - images, instructions, product information, artwork

Download area:

We have placed various media files for you in the download area.

Among them are product images that you can download in 72 DPI web resolution or in print quality with a resolution of 300 DPI.

In addition, for selected products, you can receive marketing materials in which our products are staged in a high-quality setting. This option is new and, therefore, only available for some items for the time being.

In addition, you will find the operating instructions, a final artwork and REACH item information in the download area.

REFLECTS Create a notepad for a product


On the product page, under the product number, you will find the “wishlist” button, represented as a heart icon. On the category pages (product listing), the “wishlist” button can be found directly below the product price.

As soon as the button is clicked, a window opens in which you can specify the quantity of items to be added to your wishlist. You also decide whether you want to create your own list for the product or whether the product should be added to an existing list.

Via the heart symbol, “My wishlists” in header, you can access the overview of your lists.

Wishlists lists can be imported from different devices, or lists created in the webshop can be downloaded.

Customer Area:

REFLECTS Login Area - Personal Data and Addresses
REFLECTS order status

Order status:

Under “Orders”, you can view all your orders from the last two years with date, document number, order number and the contact person, as well as the order type – such as “Finishing” or “Sample”. You can always see which stage your order is currently at.

Your order status is displayed and can be sorted using filters: “Data missing”, “Graphic in progress”, “Issue approval”, “Open” and “Order completed”.

You will be informed by email if additional data is required from you, or if you receive the graphic files for the order for approval. In addition, you have the option of tracking your delivery via the tracking code that we store with the receipt. Invoices can also be downloaded here.

REFLECTS Login Area - default billing addresses and shipping addresses


In the login area, you have the option to store several delivery addresses under “Addresses”. The table of existing addresses can be filtered. A search function helps you find the customer address you want.

Two-factor authentication:

REFLECTS Login Area - Personal Data and Two-Factor Authentication

What is two-factor authentication?

Activate two-factor authentication to ensure additional protection for your webshop access and account with two independent components. When logging in with 2FA activated, the login must be verified by a one-time password from a compatible app or a password manager (existing software on your system). Many users are familiar with this function from online banking. The option can be activated under “Personal Profile”.

REFLECTS Login Area - Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Here’s how:

The first step is to scan the QR code with your 2FA app or enter the code below it and you will receive a 6-digit one-time password in your app that updates every 30 seconds.

In the second step, enter the newly generated 6-digit one-time password to check that the 2FA has been set up correctly. You can then click on the blue button to verify your one-time password and activate 2FA.

As soon as you want to log in, alongside your email address and password, you will also be asked for a one-time password, which is generated via your 2FA app.

REFLECTS Forgotten password Procedure

Forgotten password:

If you have forgotten your password, you can set a new password under “Login” by clicking on “Forgotten password”.

When you enter your email address, you will receive an email with a link that is valid for two hours. You can set up a new password via this link. If you do not use the link within two hours, you must request a new link.

Your data security is important to us. Therefore, we have chosen this process to set the new password via a link.