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The whole world of electronic promotional items, united in one brand. Products from the technology and electronics range are first-class giveaways with practical benefits and a long application period, not only among tech-savvy target groups.

The selection is wide: electronic products that are fun and relaxing in everyday life include speakers or smartphone accessories. Small helpers that fit perfectly into our everyday working lives include wireless chargers for smartphones or compact charging cables with multiple connections for different devices.

Compared to classic giveaways, they appear to be of higher quality. They arouse desires due to their high aesthetic value. Function and design often allow for more creativity among the target group and not infrequently serve a kind of "play instinct". With an impressive finishing, a smart gadget becomes an effective brand ambassador.

Electric Arc Stick Lighter Ignites Sparkler

Target groups for electronic promotional products

For innovative, young and digitally interested target groups, technical promotional items are always the first choice. However, electronic promotional items are not only interesting for technology fans. More and more technical devices facilitate our everyday life. As consumers, we are used to dealing with technical devices and derive many benefits from mechanisation and digitalisation. This alone distinguishes the right electronic product for the respective target group by a high benefit and thus a long retention period with the (potential) customer.

Electronic promotional products for less technically and digitally focused target groups can be, for example, torches, calculators, charging cables or arc lighters. Digital natives, on the other hand, love wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, smartphone accessories or powerbanks. For a mixed target group, headphones, car accessories or charging cables with different connectors are suitable.

When and where are promotional products used

  • Customer gift at trade fairs
  • Customer loyalty tool for the sales force
  • Sales promotion
  • Haptic campaign booster
  • Add-on or insert
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer and employee bonuses
  • Souvenir for sports events and festivals
  • Incentives
  • Employee equipment
  • For loyalty programs for employees and/or customers
  • In merchandising programmes

Which industries are best suited for these products?

It may be obvious that electronic promotional products are preferably used in areas where technology is more important. But in addition, other industries are also making good use of these advertising gadgets:

  • Technological industries
  • Banks, insurance companies
  • IT industry
  • Car industry
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction sector
  • Logistics and transport
  • Tour operators
  • Public utilities
  • Colleges
  • Gastronomy and food industry

Electric arc stick lighter promotional item in black and silver

Items that combine "digital" and "analogue":

Depending on the promotional message, brand identity or breadth of the target audience, a purely technical or purely "analogue" promotional item is not always suitable. Promotional items with an "aha" effect, such as arc lighters or product hybrids like desktop organisers, can be convincing

Electric arc candle lighter REEVES-NEW CASTLE black
Product No.: 52358-BK
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from €5.91​
Solar calculator REEVES-NEAPEL black
Product No.: 60162-BK
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from €7.67​
Product No.: 52254
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from €5.04​
Electric arc candle lighter REEVES-MACAO black
Product No.: 52377-BK
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from €8.19​
four refined electronic promotional items

Refinement on electronic promotional items

With the right finishing, an electronic product becomes a first-class promotional item. As of Cologne, we offer laser engraving, pad printing and UV printing to match the respective electronic product. Especially with many wireless chargers from REEVES®, there is the possibility of full-surface UV printing and thus a maximum presentation of your key visual and your brand.

We make advertising shine! Some items with backlit advertising space stand out especially. By means of a high-quality laser engraving, the surface coating is removed. The result is impressive: the engraving/your logo shines. In this way, your logo is presented effectively even in the dark.

Electronic promotional items

Hourglass and circle - long dwell time icon

Duration of use

Diamond - Icon High Quality

High quality

Gearwheels - Icon for function


Head with light bulb - Icon for Design


Wireless charging by REEVES®

The tip for all those who are literally fed up with cable tangle: Simply place your Smartphone on the charger and there you go! Sounds like a dream, but is already reality. It is called wireless charging and it is extremely popular by customers and advertisers. Because the device generates a real benefit and thus offers added value. Marketing loves it! Not only because the advertising message is always clearly visible.

Wireless charger REEVES-OCEANSIDE black 15 Watt
Product No.: 52490-BK
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from €9.48​
Wireless charger REEVES-KELOWNA II white 5 Watt
Product No.: 52450-WE
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from €5.63​
Wireless charger REEVES-SAN DIMAS II 10 Watt
Product No.: 52503
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from €8.51​
Travel wireless charging station REEVES-LOS ANGELES white 5 Watt
Product No.: 52406
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from €6.17​ €7.25

Battery dead?  Powerbanks from REEVES®

Smartphone died on the go? Often this is exactly what happens when you need it the least! Remedy is a powerbank that allows you to charge your mobile phone, tablet & Co. any time, anywhere. The powerbank as an external battery or mobile charger thus quickly becomes indispensable. With printed powerbanks as promotional items, your company will ensure that your customers' batteries are always charged when they are on the road.

Powerbank COLLECTION 500 black 2600 mAh
Product No.: _S_K80520-BK-BK
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from €1.73​
Wireless charging powerbank REEVES-LEICESTER white 10000 mAh
Product No.: 52455-WE
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Wireless charging powerbank REEVES-KIEV black 8000 mAh
Product No.: 52268-BK
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from €17.87​ €20.46
Powerbank REEVES-KUOPIO dark grey 10000 mAh
Product No.: 52385
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from €15.98​

A promotional product that counts:
the calculator.

It is a classic for electronic promotional items: the good old calculator. Until now, PCs, laptops and smartphones have not been able to replace the calculator. Even in the modern working world, the traditional calculator is still very popular among the target group. Moreover, it fulfils a task that hardly any other article can perform: It creates a lasting effect for the advertising message.

Solar calculator REEVES-JOINVILLE
Product No.: 60144
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from €11.78​
Solar calculator REEVES-NEAPEL white
Product No.: 60162-WE
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from €7.67​
Solar calculator REEVES-SAN LORENZO black
Product No.: 60038-BK
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from €6.62​
Solar calculator REEVES-VALINDA black/silver
Product No.: 60154-BKSR
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from €7.67​

Bringing light into the darkness:

At the latest when the power goes out, we do not want to have to rely merely on the torch function of our mobile phone. In such a case, the only thing that helps is something that has a lot to offer in terms of energy and luminosity. Our torches cover a wide range of functions and applications. We offer a wide range of models, from the handy torch key ring to the professional multifunctional torch with powerful COB light sources for assembly work under poor lighting conditions.

Product No.: 52191
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from €2.12​
Product No.: 52480
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Multifunction torch REEVES-ACÁMBRO black
Product No.: 52373
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from €9.53​
Head lamp REEVES-PEORÍA black
Product No.: 52352
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from €2.75​

Does the electronic promotional product fit your target group?

Are you not sure whether electronic advertising media are the right fit for your company or whether they can be effectively integrated into your marketing strategy? Quick check: On the basis of our questions you can assess whether digital advertising media or gadgets, such as powerbanks or USB sticks, are a good idea.

Quick check

  • Can it possibly even take on a concrete task / specific function? 
  • Is the advertising gadget only limited useful, for example when certain device generations are no longer supported?
  • Does the article fit the target group?
  • The delivery is generally very important. Is this perfectly planned and is the article prepared in the best possible way?
  • Is the target group technophile or is it unable to use the electronic products?
  • Are all the descriptions correct and comprehensible?
  • Can the corporate design or advertising message be applied in a targeted manner?