The REFLECTS® brand range

For emotional and long lasting customer experiences.

REFLECTS® is the home of lovingly and professional brands and product ranges. We support our customers with their distribution and marketing work with our products, quite simply by creating promotional products that impress and inspire through quality, design, uses, price-performance ratio and sustainability.

We certainly position ourselves in a market / consumer group-focused manner, but our brands are all based on the clearly defined foundations of REFLECTS GmbH. This means that: You receive personalized customer service and enjoy the maximum level of attention during consultation and service.

All brands and products are based on the strong and consistent foundation of the REFLECTS® House of Quality and are accompanied in a customer-friendly manner by our professional service tools, both analogue and digital.

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Mugs and bottles as promotional products from RETUMBLER

RETUMBLER®: Promotional items with taste in proper style.

The drinking containers from our RETUMBLER® brand connect our passion for the particular with contemporary enjoyment and the advertising message of our customers, regardless of whether it concerns the finest aromas of the coffee shops from around the world, a tea break at work or simply a cold drink after a gym workout. Because let’s be honest: Are there any more positive associations connected with an advertising message? Hardly.

RETUMBLER® represents high-quality drinkware and a wide range of suitable utensils; professionally finished using a wide variety of technologies and the latest packaging concepts.

electronic promotional items from REEVES

Full of energy for modern promotional products.

We’ve achieved great success with the REEVES® brand. Harmonically embedded in the REFLECTS® brand range, REEVES® represents electronic promotional products. Is it any wonder that the electronic helpers from REFLECTS® have been among the stars in the promotional products' industry for a few years now.

An attractive design, their practical use and ideal advertisement placement options make our electronic products true best-sellers and attractive stages to present your advertising messages.

classic promotional items from RE98

RE98®: Classics & Ideas

What originated in 1998 with REFLECTS® by LM in terms of its core idea, will be passionately continued in 2021 under RE98® (re-ninety-eight). We knew then what is still true today: well-chosen promotional products combine design, quality and zeitgeist and are predestined for outstanding advertising success.

RE98® stands for "Classics & Ideas": beautiful and useful products made of high-quality materials. Our RE98® range pursues the long-term goal of combining advertising icons, classics, must-have items and trends.