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REFLECTS® - charting a sustainable course into the future

Sustainable action is what secures our future. And so REFLECTS is always working on the optimum symbiosis between economic efficiency, social compatibility and environmental awareness. Caring for our approximately 80 employees and our customers, dedicated participation within our region and our collaborative work with our suppliers form the starting point for a comprehensive, ever-growing environmental programme.

It’s done!

One of our goals for 2022 was to produce the first sustainability report for the company. REFLECTS GmbH followed twenty criteria underpinning the DNK German Sustainability Code. The German Sustainability Code is a cross-industry standard for reporting launched by the German Council for Sustainable Development. The twenty criteria cover the topics:

  1.  Strategy
  2. Materiality
  3. Goals
  4. Depth of the value chain
  5. Responsibility
  6. Rules and processes
  7. Control
  8. Incentive systems
  9. Stakeholder participation
  10. Innovation and product management
  11. Use of natural resources
  12. Resource management
  13. Climate-relevant emissions
  14. Workers’ rights
  15. Equal opportunities
  16. Qualification
  17. Human rights
  18. Community
  19. Political influence
  20. Conduct in compliance with the law and all applicable directives

The reporting is also based on a so-called performance indicator set (here: GRI). The term “performance indicator” refers to various metrics that companies can use to measure their sustainability performance from a qualitative or quantitative standpoint.

REFLECTS GmbH has initially provided information for the year 2021, and will continue reporting at regular intervals. This is because, by doing so, we ensure the highest possible level of transparency with regard to sustainable action.

The report, which is designated as a so-called “DNK declaration”, is published on the page of the German Sustainability Code in the company database.