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REFLECTS® Trademarketing:
Advertising material for distributors

Various refined promotional items

REFLECTS® brings out the best in you:
Trade Marketing for distributers

As the saying goes: "There is no second chance for a first impression". There's some truth to it. That's why we offer you a number of special services that help you to present our products and services to your customers in an attractive way. As a result, not only our products, but especially you, leave a lasting impression on your target group. These additional services include both offers from the online area and print advertising media, which you can use specifically for your own advertising. But the best part is: We offer many of these services completely free of charge. Simply talk to your personal REFLECTS® sales agent. He will be happy to help you and get together with our graphics department so that we can implement your design wishes as quickly as possible.

A real wwwin-win situation:
Digital marketing media from REFLECTS®.

REFLECTS personalised newsletter


On request we personalize our newsletter for you - of course with exchanged links to your offer of REFLECTS® promotional items.

Online banner REFLECTS

Online banners: 

Accompanying our current campaigns we design individualized online banners with your logo.


Product data for online shops: 

You operate your own online shop and need professionally prepared product data. Please contact us!

REFLECTS Corporate Identity Style Guide

Style guide

You have questions about the correct implementation of our corporate design. On request, we will be happy to provide you with our style guide for the correct use of our CD.

REFLECTS download area - images, instructions, product information, artwork


We have expanded our download options for you, which are available on our product pages. Previously, by using your web shop login you could simply download images of the product in 72 and 300dpi as well as the operating instructions, a REACH article information and the final artwork with details concerning the customisation surfaces. Now you will also be able to download marketing material like image pictures and presentations, integrate your uploaded logo and use the material for your own advertising. We have not yet fully equipped all articles, as the area is still under construction. Gradually, however, all our articles will be provided with marketing material.

Online configurator screenshots for myBayamo, myNizza, myKingston

Integrate online configurators on your website

As a REFLECTS customer you may integrate all our online configurators on your website using a simple iFrame solution. To create your personal iFrame link, we will need a few data and details provided by you. We are offering the option of displaying or hiding industry prices, the product data sheet, the calculation for customisation and the product description. Your customer will be able to send you his requested configuration with a simple click on a button. The request will arrive at your preferred e-mail address. By providing your own letterhead, you will be able to integrate your CI in the product data sheet and offer for customisation. Our colleagues will be happy to advise you on our iFrame solution.

With print media more impact:
Print Services at extra charge from REFLECTS®.

Own cover print catalogue_REFLECTS

Catalogue: Present the different colours and designs of REFLECTS® promotional items to your customers - again, an individualised cover as well as your own inside pages and special pages are possible.

REFLECTS advertising flyer - trade marketing

Advertising flyers or brochures: We can also personalise these for you according to our current campaigns.

InDesign file - Have your own catalogue created at REFLECTS

Create your own catalog: We will be happy to assist you in choosing the optimal articles and their presentation. If required, we will also be happy to support you with the layout creation.

High quality customized samples for showrooms and customer presentations.

various refined promotional items from REFLECTS

Perfect samples are better than a thousand words! We regularly create a collection of professionally customized samples for you. You will receive these from us to support presentations or to decorate your showroom. The relevant articles can always be found in our shop. (Show 1 - 3 samples here, lanyard samples, pins, caddy chips).

Presentation tray with myBayamo cups and sleeves and cuffs

Displays for an optimal presentation on fairs and in showrooms. For our customers who go to trade fairs or maintain a showroom, we provide high-quality displays. It is a stainless steel display, which can be adapted to the needs of the most different products by means of individual foam trays. We create new foam trays every year with the aim of ensuring that the presentation is always up-to-date. On request, we also supply individually designed trays for the presentation of your favourite REFLECTS® products.

Sample and product visualisation by REFLECTS

You need speculative samples or product visualizations for a customer presentation or an upcoming trade fair? We are happy to help you here as well! 

Excerpt banners from Nature Collection, myBayamo, MY-KEY-DISTANCE

Are you thinking about pull-out banners or table displays for your showroom? We would be pleased to present you something from our repertoire here as well. For special requests we are also happy to help you!

various promotional items with UV print

Are you considering using a high-quality REFLECTS® product for your own advertising? Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to consult you on the selection of articles, optimal presentation of your logo and support you with absolutely attractive conditions! 

Support for your in-house exhibition

Trays for in-house exhibition stand by REFLECTS

We are a welcome exhibitor at roadshows, customer events and in-house exhibitions! Through our professional presentation with ultra-modern exhibition booth, attractive samples as well as trained and motivated sales staff, we contribute to making your customer event an absolute success.