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Promotional products for Christmas by REFLECTS®

Looking for special Christmas gifts for customers?

You know what it’s like. The days are just becoming shorter and the same question comes up again each year: What are we giving our customers for Christmas? Ultimately, the celebration is a good opportunity to sincerely thank them: for the good cooperation and for the joint projects. Therefore, a fitting Christmas present works as a sign of appreciation and as motivation for the future. And one thing is very important here: the haptic experience, since you are in contact with many customers today primarily by email or telephone. A Christmas present that you can unwrap and hold builds an entirely new connection: emotional, tangible and sustainable. You can’t achieve that with a post on Facebook or Instagram, a tweet or funny GIF by email, you can only achieve this with a real present.

You will learn here how to create experiences with Christmas presents, why now is the right time to think about the present for the occasion and what promotional products are on trend for Christmas 2021.

5 tips for Christmas presents for customers

white stainless steel mug with promotional print with hot chocolate

Tipp 1: Schenken Sie individuelle Werbemittel mit Druck zu Weihnachten

Klar: Ein Weihnachtsgeschenk sollte individuell und mit Liebe ausgewählt sein. Ebenso natürlich ist aber, dass Sie nicht für Hunderte Mitarbeiter und Kunden jeweils ganz eigene Weihnachtspräsente finden können – das sprengt jeden Zeit- und Budgetrahmen. Praktikabel und dabei von genauso hohem Reiz ist ein individueller Aufdruck. Etwas auf dem mein eigener Name steht, hat immer eine starke Verbindung zu mir.

Auch individuelle Botschaften können solch eine Beziehung ausdrücken – sei es ein Jahresmotto, ein Dank oder eine Auszeichnung. Aufdrucke wie "Top Verkäufer 2021" oder "Lieblingskollegen 2021" liest jeder gern. Das würdigt Mitarbeiter und Kunden und macht einfach Spaß. Werden Sie kreativ, was Aufdrucke und Veredelungen zu Weihnachten angeht, wir von REFLECTS® beraten Sie gerne zu den Möglichkeiten.

Product No.: 52329-WE
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from €8.37​
Product No.: 52509-BK
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Wine set RE98-PUT
Product No.: 52141
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from €11.12​
Cylindrical glass drinking bottle in neoprene sleeve in women's hand

Tip 2: Give on trend at Christmas - Ideas for customers christmas presents 2021

Something new always has charm: If you stay on trend for promotional products, it will also never be boring at Christmas. What is in for 2021 when it comes to company presents of the season? We will show you the latest gift items for Christmas: from electric arc candle lighterswireless chargers for smartphones to sustainable and high-quality thermo mugs.

Get inspired, we’re certain you’ll discover your favourite trend and surprise your customers this season.

Product No.: 52496
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from €8.51​
Bluetooth®-speaker REEVES-myFERNLEY
Product No.: _S_52550
from €8.10​
Wireless charging stand REEVES-GIJÓN II 10 Watt
Product No.: 52498
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from €9.24​
Product No.: 51535
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from €5.82​
Promotional items made of bamboo as inspiration for christmas promotional items

Tip 3: Give in series at Christmas - Promotional product series at Christmas

This tip is for everyone who does not want to think from scratch each year about the suitable promotional products for Christmas, the employee present or the Christmas present for customers. One of our most highly-valued tips for this: Give in series: This makes life easier for you and arouses the passions for finding and collecting in your customers.

Search for a promotional product series that offers numerous different products. You can give a new part of this series at Christmas each year. Examples of such Christmas promotional presents for 2021 are our series with the sustainable raw material bamboo. The effect: Your customers will look forward to your Christmas present each year because they know which series to expect and because they are excited about what new things you have come up with this year.

Wireless charger REEVES-SAN DIMAS II 10 Watt
Product No.: 52503
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from €8.51​
Glass bottle with tea strainer RETUMBLER-SLEDGE
Product No.: 52104
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from €10.02​ €12.35
Desktop Organizer with notes RE98-VADODARA
Product No.: 52185
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from €9.83​ €10.23
Thermomug bamboo RETUMBLER-TALCA
Product No.: 52257
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from €9.69​
Lighting a sparkler with an arc lighter

Tip 4: Give something smaller for Christmas: Christmas give aways

Small presents maintain friendship: Sometimes it depends on the gesture. Then, the size of the package doesn’t count so much, instead it represents having thought of one another and giving attention to the other person. In short: Christmas give aways are a charming, budget-friendly option.

Put a card or an individual message in with your present or just personally deliver the Christmas give away: This will go down well in every sense.

Keyring RE98-ALICANTE silver
Product No.: 10303-SR
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from €0.92​
Manicure set RE98-PIETRASANTA
Product No.: 51427
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from €6.17​
Pocket mirror RE98-ENSENADA
Product No.: 52260
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3-in-1 charging cable with light REEVES-PUHALANI black/white
Product No.: 52304-BKWE
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promotional wrist watch - hand in pocket

Tip 5: Give time at Christmas - Christmas activities for customers

Whether it is baking Christmas cookies, cutting down a Christmas tree or visiting the Christmas market: Invite customers, do a Christmas activity together and give an individually finished promotional product as a reminder of a lovely day. The experience will stay fresh for a long time.

By the way: You can also of course give time quite literally. In the watch collection by RETIME®, you can find a suitable watch for Christmas for everyone.

Small selection of promotional products for Christmas

Shoeshine kit RE98-SANTIAGO
Product No.: 50732
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from €10.01​
Product No.: _S_52560
from €10.61​
Product No.: 52480
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Thermo Drinking Bottle RETUMBLER-NIZZA
Product No.: _S_52457
from €10.35​
Product No.: _S_52527
from €9.86​
Wireless Speaker incl. 10 watt wireless charger REEVES-DOTHAN white
Product No.: 52511
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from €35.28​
Business card box RE98-DERRY
Product No.: 51724
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from €4.67​
BBQ-set RE98-SARAGOSSA silver
Product No.: 52445
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from €16.76​

REFLECTS® - the provider of promotional presents for Christmas and for the whole year

It all began over 30 years ago with a tiepin: It was our company’s first product. Today we have many different promotional products in our range. Our experience in designing, planning, producing, importing and finishing has made us one of Europe’s market leaders in the promotional products industry. Creativity and quality are in our company’s DNA. We stand out because of our variety and qualiy of promotional products. And the ability to seek out new trends and exciting products for our customers at the right time. Whether it is lanyards, pins, watches , electronic promotional items or drinkware such as mugs and bottles: Many of our novelties discovered then are now classics in the range and many unusual innovative products are constantly being added. In addition to product variety, it is important for us to have well-structured processes and services for our customers. We finish all products individually upon request and put an emphasis on care and punctuality so that your present arrives on time at Christmas. We will be happy to advise you.