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Promotional article

Professional advertising with REFLECTS® promotional products

Lend a special touch to the image of your company. Generate additional buying impulses and reinforce customer loyalty. Discover an effective way of running campaigns, promotions and trade fairs in a more professional and successful way.

sustainable desk promotional products

Customer-oriented campaigns, professional promotions:
REFLECTS® offers promotional gifts for your projects.

Lend a special touch to the image of your company. Generate additional buying impulses and reinforce customer loyalty. Discover an effective way of running campaigns, promotions and trade fairs in a more professional and successful way.

This is how it works: Usually, sales-promoting campaigns commence with a wide-ranging, cross-media marketing strategy. It then develops into an internal and external communication channel and concludes with the successful sale of the product or service. In particular branding campaigns use all available advertising media.

Promotional gifts have an extremely important role to play here. This is because one of the key problems facing companies today is the flood of information consumers are subject to. Advertising claims must therefore be able to stick out.

This is achieved through promotional gifts, for example, which have a significance for the target group. This way a lasting positive response can be generated for your company at a relatively low financial cost.

If you are looking for a promotional item that suits your advertising campaign and corporate image, you should ask yourself the following questions: What is the image of my company? And how is the soul of my company and our product perceived by the customer?

Three tips for more success:
The right article.

Tip 1:

Position your brand message to your target group in everyday life.

Generate a strong benefit for the consumer and convey positive emotions with your brand. Pens and office accessories are a good example: They are part of our daily lives and are usually used on a daily basis. And almost everyone is familiar with the search for their pen. This illustrates how an object can be emotionally linked to its owner.

Tip 2:

Diligently design your promotional item.

The more carefully a promotional item is planned, designed and presented, the greater the experience for the recipient. 

Tip 3:

Target all the different senses of your target group.

A cross-media campaign involves advertising articles with the aim of achieving the highest possible effect. If you support your advertising message with a haptic experience, you will achieve a lasting effect. Branding to suit the intended product completes the campaign.

Good to know: the appropriate message

Neuroscientists have discovered that the human brain closely links cognition and emotion. Only if the message is classified as personally relevant does it achieve an emotional level and has a lasting effect.

Promotional gifts achieve exactly that: triggering the emotion.

The promotional pen: the undisputed number one.

Pens are the most popular promotional item. When it comes to promotional items, the pen is the undisputed number one.

And even if more and more the trend is towards writing on the computer: The pen is still a favourite.

Many people spend much of their active time at work. Therefore, it makes sense to put your promotional items into the hands of the target customers in the truest sense of the word.

Promotional office accessories are particularly well-suited for promotional purposes, like the most popular promotional item: Personalized, printed or engraved pens and pencils. They have the highest impact and the longest utility values among the target group.  

But even outside the workplace, pens, business card cases, notebooks, desk utensils and such like are appreciated promotional items. Just try it out.

Pen holder with pens
Good to know: hand-written.

A study in the USA has shown that writing by hand increases the understanding of correlations much better than typing. The result of the research: If you write by hand, you will do more thinking.

Emotional advertising always at your fingertips: pens and office accessories.

It is to your advantage.
And your customers benefit.

When it comes to our promotional items, we always do our best. That is to say, we put in a lot of passion and even more heart and soul. This also applies to the selection of our promotional items. In particular:

  • Proven quality
  • Good promotional displays
  • High product comfort
  • Originality, trendiness and benefit
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

The most successful:
the top ten promotional items.

Ballpen CLIC CLAC-HELSINKI light brown
Ballpen CLIC CLAC-HELSINKI light brown
Product No.: 52411
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€1.05​ €1.19
Credit and business card box RE98-YONKERS
Credit and business card box RE98-YONKERS
Product No.: 52380
Request Stock …
from €3.29​ €3.42
Multifunction tool REFLECTS-HORSFORTH
Multifunction tool REFLECTS-HORSFORTH
Product No.: 51520
Request Stock …
Product No.: 51889-BK
Request Stock …
from €0.74​
Product No.: 52321-WE
Request Stock …
€0.50​ €0.57
Ice scraper REFLECTS-NIKOSIA blue
Ice scraper REFLECTS-NIKOSIA blue
Product No.: 51790-BE
Request Stock …
from €0.84​
Product No.: 10155
Request Stock …
from €1.88​
Notebook CLIC CLAC-FOGGIA black
Notebook CLIC CLAC-FOGGIA black
Product No.: 51796-BK
Request Stock …
€0.66​ €0.80
Product No.: 51824
Request Stock …
€0.96​ €1.08
Mini Cutter with Key Ring RE98-TONGI white
Mini Cutter with Key Ring RE98-TONGI white
Product No.: 51917-WE
Request Stock …
from €0.41​
Aluminium Suitcase Tag with Airplane Motif

Your turn: Many occasions for REFLECTS® promotional items.

Promotional items are extremely versatile. On the one hand, they ensure sensual experiences for your customers. As soon as the customers touch the article, they associate memories with it and assign it a special meaning in their lives.

On the other hand, promotional items also generate trust and create a strong bond between you and your business partners.
In addition: They create a positive response for companies, account managers and products, political parties, associations and institutions.

As manifold as their designs are, as versatile are their possible uses for the following occasions:

  • Mailing enhancers and product launches
  • Customer loyalty tool for the sales force
  • Premium
  • Premium articles for anniversaries and as award
  • On-pack or in-pack for the introduction of a product
  • Give-away on trade fairs
  • Events like concerts, election rallies, sports events, festivals
  • Sweepstakes
  • Customer acquisition
  • Office and team equipment
  • Merchandising sector
  • Support as part of a large-scale campaign

Our recommendation:  connect advertising with emotions.

A fundamental human need is security. This is where our card cases with RFID reading protection come into play. They prevent data theft from bank and credit cards by shielding sensitive data from unauthorised access. Thieves therefore have no chance. In return, you will benefit from all the options because your logo can be easily displayed to the customer on all our cases.

Collage Portraits

For which target groups are our promotional items useful?

At REFLECTS® you can find an extensive range of high-quality and effective promotional items for a wide variety of target groups:

  • advertising, marketing and event agencies
  • companies at trade fairs
  • sales force and brand ambassador
  • political organizations
  • authorities
  • non-governmental organizations and associations
  • workmen and guilds
  • car industry
  • logistics specialist 
  • artists and concert agencies
  • architects and construction companies
  • banks and savings banks
  • insurances
  • hotels and restaurants
  • tour operators
  • publishers and universities

But regardless of what kind of promotion item you want to use and how your customers respond: the REFLECTS® range of promotional products can meet almost any budget requirement. The price-performance ratio is impressive for all sectors. In any case, it is always a good idea to provide promotional items to support a campaign.

 Quick check: 

  • Which promotional items suit your company and your customers?
  • Check how the promotional item of your choice can be customized. If necessary, ask for advice.
  • Define a comprehensive strategy for your target group and the target market.
  • Align your chosen promotional item with your campaign concept.
  • Plan campaigns and activities in which your promotional item will be the emotional link.
  • Consider how you can market your article to both sexes, e.g. by mailing, at a trade fair or as a bonus. Important! Although promotional items can be used wherever, their use should be meticulously planned on an individual basis.
  • Link the purpose of the selected promotional item with your advertising campaign. Always remember: The greater its use and durability, the longer its effect.

A good investment is half the battle: the expenditure.

The budget earmarked for a promotional item often depends on two essential aspects:

  • the occasion for which the promotional item is to be designed.
  • the respective target group to be targeted.

But regardless of what kind of promotion item you want to use and how your customers respond: The product range allows almost all budget requirements to be met.


Close-up of tyre with tyre pressure gauge

Our promotional gifts

  • are used by the customer in nine out of ten cases,
  • are more easily remembered with their advertising messages because they are often in use,
  • control positive emotions and offer a sensual experience,
  • strengthen the desire to buy,
  • increase the popularity of a company significantly,
  • create trust and are perceived as an expression of appreciation,
  • have added value and are useful,
  • are experience- and emotion-oriented and have a convincing effect,
  • are often in possession of the user for several years,
    are in use over a long period of time.

Good to know: experiencing the world through touch.

Even as an infant, humans discover the world by touching it. This “tactile perception” stays with us even as adults. It makes it easier for us to collect information. Things we touch are grasped in the truest sense of the word. We use our sense of touch to check objects for reality and truth. It is closely linked to our ability to build trust.

What refinement methods are there?

If you choose promotional items by REFLECTS®, remember: our promotional items should be related to your company. This can be achieved with your company logo, a catchy slogan or an advertising message that your target group will remember.

The individualisation of your articles can occur in many ways. Your advantage: We offer in-house finishing that gives you a clear advantage in terms of delivery time and quality.

Hand trainer in several colours with print

Our service:

  • laser engraving
  • pad printing
  • UV printing
  • doming
  • 24-hour sample of all available items
  • five-day service (after approval, except for articles with drying times)
  • high-quality professional work
  • modern machinery that is constantly undergoing expansion
We also accommodate your preferences during the finishing process and are happy to advise you individually.
Metal keychain - promotional item

Promotional items by REFLECTS®:
Compliance aspects are not affected.

Often we are being asked questions about the compliance of our promotional items: Will a decision-taker be influenced improperly by a promotional item? Can a promotional item be compared to a gift? Or does a donation improve the personal, economic or legal situation of the recipient?

The Corporate Compliance Working Group takes a clear stand on this issue: Advertising and promotional gifts are  considered “minor gifts” and are thus unobjectionable and problem-free. Their material value is too low. In addition, with these products the advertising message is the main focus. As a result, promotional items are not gifts in the conventional sense.