three mySteelOne thermo drinking bottles with coloured base and lid


Design bottle with strong inner values

Product number: 52562-F 

  • Available from stock in Cologne
  • 816 colour combinations
  • Capacity 750ml 
  • Double-walled drinking bottle with vacuum insulation
  • Micropowder coating (black, silver or white)
  • CO2e-neutral through compensation

Example configuration of the mySteelOne thermo drinking bottle - white bottle, red base, blue lid accent

The colours
816 times more variety

Which combination would you like to have? The RETUMBLER mySteelOne thermal drinks bottle offers you 816 different colour combinations. There is literally one for every taste.
Note: The colour red is only available for the bottle base.

Colour table for colour accents of the thermo drinking bottle mySteelOne

The thermo drinking bottle
A shiny appearance

The RETUMBLER-mySteelOne simply looks good, any time and any place – whether next to your trainers in the sports bag or on the picnic table in the forest. Hot stays hot, and cold stays refreshingly cool.

  • Double-walled stainless-steel bottle with high-quality copper vacuum insulation

  • 750 ml filling volume
  • Proprietary development and patent-protected in-house design
  • BPA-free and, therefore, harmless to health
  • Black, white or silver powder coating
  • Suitable for both hot and cold drinks
  • Practical screw cap
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for carbonated drinks
  • Leak-proof
  • Large print area for your design or logo

all three available colours of the mySteelOne thermo drinking bottle
coloured TPR bottoms for RETUMBLER-mySteelOne thermo water bottle

Just what you and your customers like

Make a visible statement with the RETUMBLER-mySteelOne – for example, by placing your company logo on the coloured interchangeable base.

  • Discreet but attention-grabbing colour accent
  • 17 different colours in stock in Cologne
  • When the bottle stands on its base, a fine line of colour flashes out from the side
  • On smooth surfaces, the anti-slip base provides stability

The lid as the finishing accent
Why not go one better

You can also create a real eye-catcher with the coloured lid accent. You can choose between 16 colours.

  • Circular colour accent
  • 16 different colours in stock in Cologne
  • Made from high-quality silicone
  • Can be refined with CO2 laser engraving

Coloured silicone dots for lid of mySteelOne thermo drinking bottle
black mySteelOne drinking bottle with white pad printing
individual motif on lid accent of the RETUMBLER-mySteelOne drinking bottle
multicolour pad printing on white bottle mySteelOne and base in cyan
Laser engraving on silver RETUMBLER-mySteelOne drinking bottle
individual TPR bottle base with raised lettering
close-up laser engraving on silver RETUMBLER-mySteelOne

The finishing
Leave a lasting impression

One like no other: The products from REFLECTS are united by the fact that they can all be individually refined. We also offer you some options with the RETUMBLER-mySteelOne.

  • Individual laser engraving
  • Precise 1C and 2C pad printing
  • Maximum flexible UV printing
  • On request: CO2 laser engraving on silicone

Catalogue and haptic sample for trade marketing of the mySteelOne bottle

Soon to be the talk of the town

That’s what we think: A bottle like our RETUMBLER mySteelOne deserves maximum attention. With our marketing materials, you can ensure that it will soon be “on everyone’s lips”.

  • Detailed colour chart with Pantone mapping as PDF
  • User-friendly configurator as iFrame for your homepage
  • Digital info brochure / product presentation with logo visualisation
  • High-quality product photos for download
  • Product video with your individual intro / autro
  • Samples as illustrative specimens
  • Other materials on request

Good to know

three RETUMBLER-mySteelOne drinking bottles - bottle colours white, black, silver

Design product
Our design pattern to suit every taste

A lot of development work and even more heart and soul went into our RETUMBLER-mySteelOne thermal drinking bottle. The bottle is protected by a design patent and is the end result of a lengthy process – with its own designer and many test runs.

The basic idea: we wanted to develop our own drinking bottle that is configurable with subtle colour accents and which is characterised by a high recognition value. At the same time, it was to be given the new exchangeable soft base.

A special feature was the development of the new cover. This had to be made completely new, as existing covers could not be modified. It took a lot of trial and error to develop an easy-to-make lid inlay that holds well, fits flush and prevents liquid from leaking into the lid.

Thermos drinking bottle SteelOne painted in orange, dark blue and light green

RETUMBLER-SteelOne without configurator

You find the bottle simply beautiful and don’t need any colour matching? We also offer our RETUMBLER-mySteelOne without configuration options – with powder coating in white, black and silver. In addition, the thermo drinking bottle is available in orange, light green and dark blue glossy lacquer from Cologne. The lid accent and base are each the same colour as the bottle. The finishing types and surface area remain the same.

Our customised products
There’s much more to it than that

Special requests are our speciality and real passion. Why not let us advise you on your options?

  • Silicone in desired colour – from 2000 units
  • Bottle in special colour – from 1000 pieces
  • Individual gift packaging – from 2000 units
  • Own logo in TPR bottom – from 2000 pieces (own mould)
  • Own logo in silicone component of the cover – from 2000 pieces (own mould)
mySteelOne drinking bottle in purple and white lacquered with packaging

Questions and answers

<span lang="EN-GB">Thirsty for knowledge? We can help you</span>

The flattened edges of the bottle are not the perfect finishing surfaces. When you hold the bottle in your hand, you will notice that you automatically use the edges as grip recesses. Therefore, we like to finish the bottle on the curved part of the bottle. But both sides are fine for customization.

CO2 engraving on the silicone portion of the lid is possible. Our team will be happy to advise you on this.

The RETUMBLER-mySteelOne is designed as a reusable product for the purpose of an environmentally respectful and more sustainable lifestyle. During its development, we made sure that the materials used in the bottle are easily separable and thus more recyclable.

A CO2e balance was calculated for the thermo drinking bottle. It is CO2e-neutral through compensation.

By the way: CO2e is also compensated for in all transports operations from the supplier to us, and from us to the customer.

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