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RETUMBLER® - drinking bottles, mugs & thermo mugs as promotional items

Sustainable drinking bottles and mugs have become part of our everyday lives:  we enjoy our morning coffee in a thermo mug while we are on the way to work. During activities like sports a stylish drinking bottle is always at hand when we sweat. If we feel like having a delicious tea on the road, then a classy glass bottle ensures a perfect experience.

We, the users, encounter these items on a daily basis and thus have a constant exposure to your brand message.

various thermo mugs and bottles from RETUMBLER

Drinking bottles and mugs featuring your logo. So your brand will be remembered. 

Drinking bottles and cups are not only practical and durable promotional items. They are also very popular with customers. In customer surveys, cups, mugs and drinking bottles occupy 8th and 9th place (source: YouGov survey results 2017). The basic criteria for customers are functionality, quality and design.

The RETUMBLER® range of high quality, stylish and aesthetically designed beverage containers gives your customers great value in combination with a real wow effect.

A pleasantly warm drink during cold temperatures or a cool refreshment during a hike are positive emotional attributes that are subconsciously transferred to your brand. Such multi-sensory brand messages increase the effect of haptic advertising media such as drinking bottles and cups. If you then round up your advertising message with a high-quality customization and an inspiring packaging concept, nothing stands in the way of your success.


promotional mugs and bottles with same logo

Configurable Mugs & Bottles

myRETUMBLER - that is more service for popular mugs and bottles. A concept for perfect customisation of your product and gives your drinking vessel an unique look. By adding components such as a handle strap, coloured rings or a sleeve, the item is perfectly adapted to the customer's corporate identity. Benefit from more possibilities, special looks and stand out from the crowd!

Discover our myRETUMBLER concepts:


white stainless steel mug with promotional print with hot chocolate

Cool promotional items highly recommended: thermo mug.

Do you agree? Coffee is actually only truly delicious when it is served freshly brewed and enjoyed really hot. Only then it can develop its full aroma. However, soft drinks taste the best when served cold. To ensure that the coffee stays hot for as long as possible and the lemonade, juice, etc. stays cold for as long as possible, we recommend thermos cups and vacuum flasks. With a high-quality print or a elegant engraving, you can turn them into your premium promotional item with long-term benefits.

So what makes the thermo mug so special?

The secret of its success is its structure. It ensures that the drinks stay hot or cold for a longer time. But even here there are slight differences. In general, every thermo cup is double-walled and thus forms an insulating layer to keep the beverage warm or cold. At REFLECTS® we distinguish between three categories:

Icon thermostat level 1

Thermo mug double walled

The double wall of the mug or drinking bottle creates a hollow space. The layer of air between the two walls prevents the cup material from conducting the heat - the hollow space inhibits this exchange..

Icon thermostat level 2

Vacuum Thermo mug double walled

In addition to the double material wall, a vacuum is created in the interspace. Because the air has been extracted there, conductive molecules are missing. This makes it more difficult for the inside of the mug to lose heat or cold.

Icon thermostat level 3

Vacuum thermo mugs Double-walled, copper-coated inside

Additionally, the inner walls in the cavity are coated with copper. This gives the walls an additional shielding effect. The result is maximum thermal insulation. The coating acts as a mirror layer to reflect thermal radiation. This additional function is not visible from the outside.

But what actually distinguishes a thermo cup from a conventional, single-walled cup?

A conventional cup quickly releases the heat or cold of the drink into the environment. This is because it has no insulating layer and the cup material thus becomes a heat conductor. This means that the cup can become very warm on the outside and even get extremely hot. And this is not necessarily desirable for a hot drink.

It is a similar situation with cold drinks. There, the warmth of the hand is transferred to the drink - with the result that it gets warm more quickly and loses its desired temperature. Single-walled cups are therefore not suitable for thermal insulation, neither in plastic nor in stainless steel. However, double-walled thermo cups and vacuum flasks can provide a solution here.

double walled stainless steel mug cut open
double walled
Vacuum between the inner walls
Copper layer

Tip: Almost all thermo mugs are dishwasher safe.

five Thermal mug RETUMBLER-myKingston with customization

Hot inside, cool outside:
thermo mug with print.

By the way, not only thermo mugs can be attractively customised. All other drinking mugs can also be wonderfully printed or engraved. The respective type of finishing always depends on the material of the drinking vessel. In any case, an engraved stainless steel cup is a piece of art that looks very high quality.

Even with coated stainless steel cups, exciting effects can be achieved by engraving. In addition, a coloured print can provide for an individual design. Products without a pure stainless steel surface can be improved with pad printing, a few even with UV printing.

myBayamo Mezzo Cyan and White

myBayamo: We' re going to make it colourful with these mugs.

Your favourite colour is multi-coloured? Great - ours too. That's why we came up with something special for you: The Bayamo Mix and Match system. And that offers you some great advantages:

  • Mugs in stainless steel, matt black or matt white
  • Free choice of colour for silicone ring
  • Select sleeve colour, sleeve in REFLECTS® custom design
  • Individual silicone sleeve or Pantone colour according to MOQ and FO


misted sporty drinking bottle

Convenient thirst quenchers:
drinking bottles as promotional items.

Whether plastic, glass or stainless steel: High-quality and elegant drinking bottles are convenient all day long. They do a good job during exercise, on walks, and in school. They are almost irreplaceable whilst being on the road. The best thing is: Your corporate brand message is always with the user. It is always present and at hand.

An appealing design, the opportunity for interaction as well as a high benefit are automatically offered by drinking bottles as promotional items. In addition, the drinking bottle promotes sustainability. For customers who want to avoid plastic waste and PET bottles, our drinking bottles offer a good alternative.

Moreover society became also aware of the need to drink enough liquid throughout the day. In the meantime, there are plenty of apps that remind you that you need to drink sufficiently.

Good to know: tritan. 

Many of our plastic bottles are made of tritan (tritan copolyester). This material is BPA-free and also very light and stable.

Glass bottle in neoprene cover on seat bench
3 stainless steel bottles with logo
Detail water bottle with magnetic cap
set table with insulated carafe
detail bottle neck with silicone ring
Casan drinking bottles in all sizes


Plastic bottles and rubbish on the beach

We promote sustainability.
You are sending a signal with thermo mugs and drinking bottles.

Our resources are finite and running out. In exchange, we literally float in plastic waste. In the meantime huge plastic islands float through the oceans. Waste avoidance is one of the issues that everyone can easily integrate into everyday life.

Many people already do so. We also do so. promotional items are not just disposable items for us. When properly used they may even promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Stops disposable coffee cups

Deliberately avoiding disposable cups in the morning reduces our waste production considerably - and nobody needs to forego their beloved coffee to go. After all, there are our refillable thermo cups. 

Positive side effect: The coffee stays warm longer. And even the drinking bottle can replace the PET bottle and help reduce waste production and save our resources.

Icon PET Flasche cyan

On average, every German consumes almost 200 disposable plastic bottles per year (source: Deutsche Umwelthilfe 2019).

Icon recyclable

Only about 25 % of new PET bottles are recycled (source: Bundesumweltamt).

Graphic Coffee to go Mug

Germans use 2.8 billion disposable cups per year. In addition, there are 1.3 billion lids (source: Bundesumweltamt 2019).

Graphic Microplastics - Fish and Bottle

Waste avoidance preserves the flora and fauna of our oceans and prevents the emergence of microplastics.

We are taking tough action against plasticisers:
BPA-free drinking bottles and mugs.

What is BPA?

The exact designation is Bisphenol A. This is a plasticiser added to many plastics and resins. BPA can be found in many everyday plastic items, such as food containers, plastic dishes and drinking bottles. It is used for synthetic resins, polyester and many other plastics since the 1960s. Plastic products based on BPA are especially light, dimensionally stable and often transparent. The plasticiser's chemical compound makes materials more flexible and stretchable. In addition, these plastics can be coloured especially well.

Is BPA dangerous to health?

If BPA comes into contact with food, it can be absorbed into our body through the food. Heat in particular dissolves parts of the chemical compound. BPA is considered by the WHO to have a hormone-like effect. Even a small quantity can lead to diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, infertility and diseases of the thyroid gland. Therefore, BPA has also been on the REACH candidate list since January 2018. Currently, a threshold value of 4 mg per day per kilogramme body weight is considered harmless according to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). However, the injurious nature of BPA remains controversial.

A good alternative: tritan drinking bottles.

This thermoplastic material - technically tritan copolyester – is free of BPA, but light and stable. In addition, the plastic is heat-resistant, tasteless, food-safe, break-resistant and dishwasher-proof up to 80°C. These characteristics mean that it is ideal to produce tritan drinking bottles.

sustainable bamboo cups

Environmentally friendly? Of course: Our bamboo mug ready to go.

By the way, our Talca bamboo mug is a real alternative to the bamboo mugs often wrongly described as environmentally friendly. Because conventional bamboo mugs are often made from a bamboo plastic mixture. With high temperatures pollutants are released into the drink. Talca by RETUMBLER® is made of stainless steel and bamboo wood. It is also double walled insulated.


Whether tea, coffee or infused water:
At RETUMBLER® there is soething for everyone.

Glass bottle with tea strainer RETUMBLER-SLEDGE
Glass bottle with tea strainer RETUMBLER-SLEDGE
Product No.: 52104
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from €8.70​
Drinking bottle RETUMBLER-CASAN XXL grey
Drinking bottle RETUMBLER-CASAN XXL grey
Product No.: 52482-GY
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from €14.10​
Product No.: 52509-BK
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from €7.31​
Thermo mug RETUMBLER-SUDBURY white
Thermo mug RETUMBLER-SUDBURY white
Product No.: 52329-WE
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from €9.18​
Product No.: _S_52560
from €11.38​
Product No.: 52496
Request Stock …
from €9.57​
Thermo Drinking Bottle RETUMBLER-NIZZA XL white
Thermo Drinking Bottle RETUMBLER-NIZZA XL white
Product No.: 52495-WE
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from €11.34​
Drinking bottle RETUMBLER-RIYAN white
Drinking bottle RETUMBLER-RIYAN white
Product No.: 52317-WE
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from €7.92​
drinking triathlete

Alex Derosas recommends: 

Our triathlete and marathon runner uses our drinking bottle RETUMBLER-METZ privately. Thirst quenching guaranteed!

Woman with coffee to go thermo cup in the car

Janine Busser recommends:

Our sales representative (NL) Janine travels a lot. A hot coffee is a must. This is why the Bayamo is always orange for her.

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