different thermo bottles with coloured rings and cuffs

Configurable thermo drinking bottles

52457, XL 52495

Our popular thermo drinking bottle NIZZA (500 ml) and NIZZA XL are now available with spectacular customisation options. Increase your brand visibility of your corporate identity by using visual colour accents and practical gadgets. Customise the 500ml drinking bottle myNizza to your desired corporate design by choosing a ring for the bottle neck and a bottom sleeve made of high-quality silicone in one of 17 different colours. Configure your myNizza easily by following our simple mix-and-match rules. Only the ring fits on our taller version myNizza XL with 750 ml, a bottom sleeve is omitted in this size. All components are available from Cologne.

Nizza? Nice!

black myNizza thermo bottles in two sizes with rings and sleeves

Stainless steel screw lid

Leak-proof and can be used for sparkling water

Micropowder Coating

Alternatively stainless steel with anti-fingerprint coating

Ring made from silicone

Special branding: laser engraving CO2 

Sleeve made from silicone


  • XL 750 ml
  •  only available with ring


  • 500 ml
  • available with ring an sleeve

myNizza thermo bottles in 2 sizes and 3 colours

Thermo drinking bottle NIZZA

  • Product numbers: 52457 and XL 52495
  • For hot or cold drinks
  • Double-walled drinking bottle with copper vacuum insulation
  • Quantity 500 ml and 750 ml
  • Screw lid
  • Modern design
  • Colours: White, black or stainless steel-silver
  • Micropowder coating (black or white)
  • Stainless steel drinking bottle with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Customisation options: Laser engraving, pad printing, UV printing
  • Dishwasher safe

4 coloured silicone rings for myNizza bottle


  • Decorative loop with dot pattern for the bottle neck
  • 17 different colours to choose from
  • High quality and comfortable silicone
  • Handle aid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • REFLECTS® design
  • Special branding: CO2 laser engraving on loop

3 coloured silicone bottom sleeves for myNizza


  • Only for 52457 (500ml)
  • Bottom sleeve made of high-quality silicone with ribbed pattern
  • 17 different colours to choose from
  • Safe and smooth placement, even on sensitive surfaces
  • Protection against shifting on slippery surfaces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • REFLECTS® design

How it works:

Black myNizza thermo bottles with print
Black myNizza thermo bottles with print and ring at the bottle neck
myNizza thermo bottle in black with cyan bottom sleeve and print
printed myNizza thermos in black with cyan sleeve and ring
black myNizza thermo bottles in two sizes with rings and sleeves

Silicone colour chart

Colour chart bottle

colour table by colour dots
Close-up of the surface of the myNizza drinking bottle
Print and engraving examples on myNizza thermo drinking bottle
Various myNizza thermos bottles with colourful addons and print

Boost Your Brand Message
CI-concept with added value

Benefit more than ever and create visual accents with high memorability that enhance your brand and message.
Highlight your drinking bottle with visual colour accents that immediately evoke associations with your corporate design. Even from a distance, (potential) customers can associate the bottle with your brand and CI. For our drinking bottles, available in three colours, we offer over 900 possible combinations, rings and sleeves in 18 colours from stock in Cologne. Special colours in the customer's CI are possible on request.

myNizza drinking bottles in different colours - special colours

Custom Mades

Do you need a colour from the customer's CI or a drinking bottle in a special colour? As easy as that! We offer you the opportunity to turn your needs into reality.
Special colours of the thermo drinking bottle are possible from a quantity of 1,000 pieces. Besides the 0.5 litre version we offer different sizes (from 0.375 to 1 L) or a bottom design. Different colour coatings and material configurations are also possible. Ring and sleeve can be realised from 500 pieces. An individually designed soft grip sleeve is also possible on request. If required, this can be designed at REFLECTS in Cologne for an additional charge.
Personalised packaging is possible from a quantity of 500 pieces.

Print and engraving examples on myNizza thermo drinking bottle

Leave a lasting impression:
Customisation of a Thermo Drinking Bottle

There is nothing that makes a promotional item as special as its customisation. A stylish drinking bottle can be upgraded with a high-quality laser engraving. Alternatively, we offer pad printing and large-area UV printing.
Additionally, the silicone loop can be branded with a CO2 laser engraving. A visual and haptic highlight.
Note: Our RETUMBLER-NIZZA thermo drinking bottle is dishwasher safe. However, you can extend the durability of the print by gently cleaning it by hand.

Close-up laser engraving in powder coating
Laser engraving on myNizza loop in silicone
Close-up laser engraving on myNizza loop in silicone
Neoprene sleeves colour examples on myNice

Matches Perfectly: myNizza with Neoprene Protective Cover

In addition to the 500 ml Thermo bottle myNizza, the RETUMBLER-LABIN 52502 textile protective cover can also be attached to the bottle as a neoprene sleeve with a grip loop. The soft protective cover reinforces the insulating effect of the double-walled thermo drinking bottle and provides a pleasant haptic experience.
The neoprene sleeves are available from stock in Cologne in the colour grey/black. These can be finished in transfer print.
In many other colours, the protective sleeves can be obtained from 250 pieces, these can also be customised with heat transfer on request.

Catalogue cover myNizza and myNizza bottle

Branded Samples and Sales Aides

We offer several sales aids to go with our concept.

Our sales department will be happy to advise you regarding the options. Basic information regarding our sales aids

Various myNizza drinking bottles with colourful combinations of ring and sleeve