RE98 Article examples - wine opener set, waiter knife, key holder, bottle opener, card case

RE98® Classics & Ideas

RE 98® - Classics & Ideas orchestrates an assortment of beautiful and useful products made of high-class materials, especially for successful, perfectly coordinated advertising campaigns and events. Our target: to achieve high returns and recognition effects with your customers and to be remembered in the long term. Under the umbrella of the RE 98® brand, you will therefore find promotional items that combine a long life cycle with timeless design and high quality.

Proven and popular REFLECTS® classics form the base of our RE98® assortment, which will be supplemented in the future with matching "wow" products and promotional items of the current zeitgeist. In the long term, RE98® will combine classics, promotional icons, must-have items and trend articles.

Selected RE98® promotional items

Noble curved metal letter opener by RE98

Letter opener

Business card case RE98-BROWNSVILLE black - PU and Gunmetal

Card cases

Pepper or salt mill RE98-GRANADA stainless steel

Shakers & Mills

Wine accessories - Waiter's knife RE98

Wine accessories

Barbecue set RE98 SARAGOSSA in silver - case with barbecue utensils


RE98 silver bottle opener - RE98-GLASGOW silver

Bottle opener

foldable pocket mirror RE98-ENSENADA white with imitation leather surface


Dice cup made of imitation leather with 5 red dice RE98-BETEROU grey


black silver multifunctional tool RE98-TARAKAN

Tools and equipment

black key ring RE98-PERRIS RECTANGULAR with silver

Key rings

black imitation leather luggage tag RE98-DAVENTRY

Luggage tags

Digital luggage scale RE98-VESOUL in silver

Travel accessories

black silver key ring and matching business card case by RE98

The range of the RE98® brand

Promotional items made of high-class material, with a concise imprint area and in a timeless design form the basis of our item selection. In addition, there are selected "wow" products that reflect the current zeitgeist. The RE98® brand includes articles from the classic product ranges: key rings, business card cases, office utensils and accessories, kitchen and household articles, leisure and games, and travel accessories.

various Re98 promotional items for travel

The perfect RE98® promotional item for every target group

Target groups for articles from RE98® are highly diversified. Thus, among the RE98 promotional items you will find many classically proven articles, such as key rings and office utensils, which are ideally suited for use with mixed target groups. Likewise, the range includes specific items such as travel utensils or car accessories that can be more precisely defined and attributed. What they all have in common are selection with a focus on successful campaigns or events, a high recall value with the customer and a long lifespan.

The material processed and the function of the articles appeal to different target groups and can be specifically designed to suit your advertising project. In addition, we have an eye for variety in price: you can of course select items according to your budgeting and encounter a wide range from affordable to classy. Industries for RE98® promotional items.

Industries for RE98® Promotional Products

  • Fashion, lifestyle-products
  • Financial institutions, insurances
  • Craft and construction
  • Automotive industry
  • Technology and industry
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Tour operators
  • Airlines and cruise operators
  • Hotel and catering
  • Public utilities
  • Universities and public institutions
  • Food and supermarkets
  • Services and facilities
  • Parties, associations and clubs
  • NGOs
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and care sector

What can RE98® articles be used for?

  • Customer gifts and giveaways at trade fairs
  • Customer loyalty tool for the sales force
  • Sales promotion
  • Sales premiums
  • Add-on or insert
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer rewards
  • Souvenirs
  • Employee equipment
  • Loyalty programs
  • Merchandising
  • Board Shop
Promotional Keychain, Heating Ventilator Key and Multitool
Pepper or Salt Mill RE98-HOBART - Stainless Steel and Bamboo
Pocket mirror with cut glass lid and velvet pouch
black keyring with bottle opener and logo print
flat, fully printed promotional letter opener
black business card cases with logo
key ring bamboo and metal + key ring textile and metal

Our classic:
The key ring as promotional item

One of the most popular classics among the promotional items from REFLECTS® is the key ring. Under RE98® you will now find our range of high-class brand ambassadors for every budget. High-class metal items or key rings in a mix of materials are particularly popular. Bottle openers, torches or tools are required as functional supplements for key rings. The big plus of the key ring is the long time it remains with the customer and the visible presence with the user.

Key Ring RE98-FULLERTON light brown
Key Ring RE98-FULLERTON light brown
Product No.: 10354
Request Stock …
from €2.24​
Key Ring round RE98-CABLE matt-silver finish
Key Ring round RE98-CABLE matt-silver finish
Product No.: 10001
Request Stock …
from €1.58​
Key Ring RE98-ALICANTE silver
Key Ring RE98-ALICANTE silver
Product No.: 10303-SR
Request Stock …
€0.92​ €1.14
Key Ring RE98-PERRIS RECTANGULAR silverpolished finish
Key Ring RE98-PERRIS RECTANGULAR silverpolished finish
Product No.: 10155
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from €1.88​
Two business card cases as promotional products with branding made of bamboo and imitation leather

Let's keep in touch:
the business card case

No matter how digital our world has become, business cards are still part of today's business world. Especially in Asian culture, exchanging business cards is still considered something special. All over the world, a business card case is part of cultivated and respectful manners. The choice of a case made of high-class metal, soft (artificial) leather or a mix of materials depends on taste, budget and your corporate identity. With a company branding and/or a name engraving, the case becomes a very individual companion in daily business

Credit and business card box RE98-BROWNSVILLE black
Credit and business card box RE98-BROWNSVILLE black
Product No.: 52488
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from €3.09​
RFID Protection Card Case RE98-SAKUMONO silver
RFID Protection Card Case RE98-SAKUMONO silver
Product No.: 52297-SR
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€2.03​ €2.30
Credit and business card box RE98-SPOKANE light brown
Credit and business card box RE98-SPOKANE light brown
Product No.: 52485
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Credit and business card box RE98-DERRY
Credit and business card box RE98-DERRY
Product No.: 51724
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€6.47​ €6.72
Two bottle openers in silver and black with logo

The bottle opener as a promotional item

Whether bottle opener or waiter's knife, a bottle opener should not be missing in any household. In the assortment of RE98® you will find high-class openers made of stainless steel as well as affordable and simple variants. An engraving or a UV all-over print are excellent customisation options for your advertising message. This is how a consumer encounters the advertising message with every bottle opener.

Bottle opener RE98-DARU
Bottle opener RE98-DARU
Product No.: 51882
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from €6.59​
Waiter's knife RE98-NINORE
Waiter's knife RE98-NINORE
Product No.: 52142
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Coaster with bottle opener RE98-TORREÓN light brown
Coaster with bottle opener RE98-TORREÓN light brown
Product No.: 52382-LBN
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from €2.45​ €2.54
Bottle opener RE98-GLASGOW silver
Bottle opener RE98-GLASGOW silver
Product No.: 51713-SR
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from €1.40​
High quality metal letter opener with company logo

Noble letter openers from RE98®

Besides emails and text messages on the smartphone, letters are still present in our daily routine. Mostly, the mail, we receive has an official character, includes special invitations, lovingly designed greetings or holiday mail. The very special nature of such mail requires a ritual that gives the opening the appropriate meaning. A noble, carefully selected letter opener makes opening easy and turns mail handling into an extraordinary activity. RE98® offers a special selection of very valuable and shapely metal letter openers.

Letter opener RE98-LASNE
Letter opener RE98-LASNE
Product No.: 51173
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from €14.60​
Letter opener RE98-OLEIROS
Letter opener RE98-OLEIROS
Product No.: 51941
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from €4.17​
Letter opener RE98-PÄRNU
Letter opener RE98-PÄRNU
Product No.: 52316
Request Stock …
from €7.74​
Letter opener RE98-IMMINGHAM
Letter opener RE98-IMMINGHAM
Product No.: 51577
Request Stock …
from €5.99​
various RE98 promotional products with different finishes

Promotional items from RE98® with printing, engraving or doming

In the range of RE98® you may discover many high-class articles made from metal that can be customised with an impressive laser engraving. Depending on the article, even a highly individualized single name engraving is possible. Of course, budget-friendly variants are also available. With a 1C pad print they can be converted rapidly into a perfect advertising ambassador. Some business card cases are particularly suitable for customisation with doming or full-surface UV printing, making them an absolute eye-catcher. Versatility, value and quality characterises all individualised products from RE98®. Our customisation department in Cologne works with precision, skill and speed, in order to deliver quickly and to meet your high expectations.

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black RE98 faux leather luggage tag on suitcases
Wire key rings with different finishes - print or engraving
RE98 Rotor-shaped letter opener
Bag hook with logo
Key ring and business card case set - RE98 Promotional products
Stainless steel pepper and salt mill from RE98