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Vision and mission

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Our vision:

To become the multi-specialist in the promotional products industry.

In case you haven’t realised: We have a very particular passion. And namely for promotional products. We believe that there is actually no better way to effectively and sustainably transport advertising messages and ensure a real aha-experience for people at the same time.

Since the founding of REFLECTS® at the end of the 80s, we’ve been able to gain experiences with virtually all promotional products of this world. In 2019, however, we decided to concentrate on five strong product fields. There were severalreasons for this. The demand for professional product development was continually increasing in this manner for example. At the same time, the designs of the products should become more and more distinctive; the presentation more loving and the finishing of ever higher quality.

Therefore, we pursue just one aim: We want to be the most professional multi-specialist in the industry, the home of attractive and well-chosenproduct groups that satisfy on all levels. 

In doing so, our responsibility goes beyond the direct business of our company. Because we want to drive a change both within our industry and in society.

We see ourselves as part of a community of values of people, who are directly or indirectly associated with our company. And who want to commit themselves for more sustainability.

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Our mission:

With our products and brands, we offer advertisers the stage to present their advertising messages in the affectionate and sustainable way. 

Our vision practically marks the fixed star in the sky which guides our direction. Our mission defines a precise action framework for the daily operative business. Our products offer advertisers and organisations the stage on which they can put their advertising messages in scene in a particularly loving and sustainable manner. We support an emotional, aesthetic, sustainable and therefore satisfying customer experience.