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Design promotional products

Are you ready to set new standards with innovative promotional products? In the promotional products industry, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. That's why we offer you exclusive design promotional products that not only reflect your corporate design, but also create a wow effect as brand ambassadors. Discover products ranging from drinkware and electronics to items for outdoor and travelling. Experience innovation, exclusivity and aesthetics with our diverse range of products that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you are looking for items for advertising campaigns or events, our wide range offers the right product for every occasion. Let us inspire you now.

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Discover the world of RETUMBLER®

Thermo mugs

Espresso mug set RETUMBLER-Duoshot in a coffee machine

Espresso mug set RETUMBLER-DUOSHOT


These espresso cups impress with their timeless and elegant design. Made from recycled stainless steel, the set of two espresso cups has an elegantly curved shape that makes it an attractive eye-catcher. The mugs are double-walled and each have a capacity of 80ml. This durable, powder-coated design is not only dishwasher-safe, but also elegantly complements our COLESSO range. What's more, the double-walled design keeps your hands cool while the espresso stays hot for longer. Enjoy your espresso in a pleasant way, whether at home, at work or on the go. RETUMBLER-DUOSHOT is a proprietary design protected by a registered design.



Enjoy your espresso in extravagant style. The double-walled glass construction of the cups ensures an impressive floating effect of the espresso. Espresso creations such as espresso macchiato are also visibly showcased here. But the function of the double-walled cup wall should not be underestimated either, because the coffee stays hot for longer and your hands stay pleasantly cool.

The set consists of two double-walled espresso cups made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Each mug holds 55 ml and can simply be put in the dishwasher after use. The high-quality glass mugs can be customised with a coloured pad print.

Espresso glass set Retumbler Duoshot-Glass in coffee machine
Retumbler-Vivero Steel thermo mug for topping up coffee



With the new RETUMBLER-VIVERO STEEL, we are presenting our exclusive own design, which builds on the success of our award-winning RETUMBLER-myVivero thermo mug. RETUMBLER-VIVERO STEEL boasts better thermal properties and stands out from myVivero with its powder-coated or highly polished surface.

The thermo mug is made from recycled stainless steel and has a generous capacity of 350 ml. Thanks to its double-walled construction and copper vacuum insulation, it guarantees excellent insulation performance: hot drinks stay hot for 6 hours and cold drinks stay cool for 10-12 hours. The lid is also made of BPA-free plastic. How to clean it? No problems in the dishwasher!

Retumbler-Vivero Steel thermo mug in black with open lid
  • Capacity: 350 ml
  • Recycled stainless steel
  • Double-walled with copper vacuum insulation
  • Powder coated
  • Leak-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe
Retumbler-Vivero Steel thermo mug in silver, black and white

The colours

The VIVERO STEEL is available in three colour variants. The silver high-gloss version is particularly special, as it has a genuine mirror finish achieved by polishing. The vacuum thermo mug is also available with a black or white powder coating in a unique and modern matt look.

Retumbler-Vivero Steel thermo mug in various designs

The finishing

RETUMBLER-VIVERO STEEL offers many possibilities to emphasise your brand. The unique, round surface on the lid, which can be finished with an eye-catching UV print, is particularly suitable for this. In addition, the body of the cup can be finished with an elegant laser engraving, pad printing or UV printing, so that your logo can be effectively showcased.

Retumbler-Colesso thermo mug in powder-coated black and white



Discover your companion for every season - our RETUMBLER-COLESSO thermo mug! Aesthetics meets outstanding insulating performance. This protected proprietary design delivers first-class performance with its double-walled copper vacuum insulation: hot drinks stay warm for up to 5 hours and refreshments stay pleasantly cool for up to 10 hours. With a capacity of 400 ml, the RETUMBLER-COLESSO is ideal for everyday use. Its elegant, curved shape with powder-coated surface and transparent lid made of BPA-free plastic make it an eye-catcher. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and enjoy the perfect symbiosis of style and functionality!

Retumbler-Colesso thermo mug in white with open lid
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Double-walled with copper vacuum insulation
  • BPA-free
  • Leak-proof
  • Dishwasher-safe
Retumbler-myVivero thermo mug in blue with decoration
Retumbler-myDrinqeo thermo mug with Retumbler logo
Retumbler-mySteelOne thermos flask with Retumbler finish

The configurable mugs

Increase your recognition value with our exclusive, customisable RETUMBLER® mugs. The special thing about our concept is that you can not only choose the advertising message and the colour of the mug, but also add adaptive components such as coloured rings or sleeves. This makes it easy for you to design a customised advertising ambassador that increases the recognition value of your customer's corporate design.

Our customisable tumblers are available in various sizes, filling quantities, functions and designs. Depending on the cup, we offer a wide range of lid types. A particular highlight here is our innovative 360° drinking closure. It allows you to drink from all sides and is easy to use. Tip: All cups are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

Round off the customisable mug with an expressive promotional imprint. We offer a wide range of techniques depending on the material and surface.

Discover our customisable mugs now:

Retumbler-myVivero thermo mug with multiple colours and logos
myMezzo drinking cup with refinement
Retumbler-mySteelOne thermo mug in various colours and logos
Retumbler-myBayamo thermo mug with refinement
Thermo mug Retumbler-myKingston with refinement
Thermo mug Retumbler-mySteelOne with refinement on the lid

Drinking bottles

The customisable drinking bottles

Customise your drinking experience. The concept of configurable drinking bottles allows you to customise your bottle to match your brand's corporate design. You can choose from a variety of colours and components to strengthen brand recognition. Depending on the bottle, your configuration options range from coloured accents on the bottle base and lid to customisable carrying straps. Our drinking bottles are available in single and double-walled versions, from classic stainless steel and various colours to innovative, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. With different capacities from 500 ml to 770 ml, each bottle offers enough space for different target groups and requirements. To effectively showcase your customised logo, our drinking bottles offer various finishing options such as elegant laser engraving or pad and UV printing.

Discover our customisable drinking bottles now:

Retumbler-myNizza thermos flask with decoration
Retumbler-mySteelOne thermos flask with lid Refinement
Retumbler-myCasan drinking bottle on the desk
Retumbler drinking bottles with carrying straps in various designs
Retumbler-myToulonGlass drinking bottle with ring and sleeve
Retumbler-myDrinqeo thermos flask in both sizes
Retumbler-mySteelOne thermos flask with refinement
Retumbler-myToulon drinking bottle in all colours with ring and sleeve
Retumbler-Riyan drinking bottle in dark grey with refinement

Discover the world of REEVES®

REEVES-myFlash torch with finishing and green ring and sleeve
6-in-1 charging cable REEVES-myCONVERTICS twisted on with logo on the housing
REEVES-myFernley speaker with finish on the grill

The configurable electrical items

Experience electronics that not only offer innovative technology, but also a customised design that you can configure yourself. The concept gives you the freedom not only to choose from different colours, but also to supplement the items with additional components such as rings or cuffs and turn them into stylish advertising ambassadors for your brand.

Our range includes everything from a versatile cable set that connects all your devices, to a reliable torch for every situation, to an innovative wireless charger that charges your gadgets efficiently. Best of all, each of these items can be customised in your corporate design. Increase the recognition value with our configurable concept and your logo and leave a lasting impression.

Discover our configurable electronic items now:

Black cable set myConvertics with cyan ring and advertising print
REEVES-myFlash300 torch with finishing and sleeve
Wireless Charger REEVES-myMatola in several colours and logos
REEVES-myFernley speakers in several versions
REEVES-myFlash 700 torch in silver and black
Wireless Charger REEVES-myMatola in all colours

Charging cable

6-in-1 cable set REEVES-Convertics bamboo with logo

6-in-1 charging cable REEVES-CONVERTICS BAMBOO


The REEVES-Convertics-Bamboo 6-in-1 cable set is a practical helper in everyday digital life. The set combines functionality, a large advertising space, a pleasant feel and a modern design. The further development of REEVES-myConvertics is made of pleasant bamboo. It contains a 49 cm long USB-C to USB-C charging and data cable and various adapters, including Apple® 8 Pin, USB-A and Micro-USB. The integrated magnets ensure that the handy bamboo box closes securely. In addition, a textile handle loop offers the option of attaching it to bags and rucksacks. Turn the REEVES-Convertics-Bamboo into an advertising ambassador with your logo, which can be realised using UV printing, CO2 laser engraving or pad printing on the large bamboo box.

Table lamps

Rechargeable table lamp REEVES-AMLINO


Illuminate any room or outdoor area with our portable LED table lamp and create a cosy atmosphere. With its compact size of 26.3 cm, it fits on the dining table or as an atmospheric accessory on any balcony or terrace. Our LED light is made of high-quality aluminium and robust plastic and is splash-proof thanks to P54. With the intuitive dimming function, you can adjust the brightness to suit your taste and the occasion. The LED table lamp creates a warm and cosy atmosphere, especially on long evenings. Our powerful rechargeable battery guarantees up to 75 hours of continuous operation at the lowest brightness level.

REEVES-AMLINO is supplied in special tube packaging for a perfect handover to your customer.

REEVES-Amlino rechargeable table lamp on the table
Rechargeable table lamp REEVES-Amlino in black
  • Lumen: 200
  • LED colour: white
  • Touch On function
  • Charge level indicator
REEVES-Amlino rechargeable table lamp with print and logo

The finishing

There are three areas to choose from for finishing the LED table lamp: The top plate can be finished with a full-surface UV print, a pad print or a classy laser engraving to present your logo to great effect. The lampshade is also ideal for pad printing. For an elegant effect, we also recommend laser engraving on the aluminium base and on the rod. Each finish turns the table lamp into a prestigious advertising medium.

Discover the world of RE98®

Key rings

Key ring RE98-PORTOLA


With our new own design, the RE98-Portola key fob, you not only always have your keys to hand, but also a practical shopping trolley token. The soft silicone pendant is available in four trendy colours. With the RE98-Portola, searching for small change is a thing of the past. The cleverly integrated shopping trolley chip from RE98-Portola makes every trip to the supermarket easier. It sits comfortably in the hand and the shopping trolley chip is simply pushed into the silicone ring. Security is not neglected either: thanks to the robust metal split ring, your keys always stay safely in place.

And the best thing? Your logo is always present on the shopping trolley token. This can be customised with an elegant laser engraving.

Re98-Portola key ring in blue with logo
Re98 key fob in matt silver

Key ring RE98- with shopping trolley chip in matt silver

10360, 10364, 10363

Discover the exclusive collection of RE98 key rings with transport-themed motifs. Choose your highlight from three matt silver motifs: the robust lorry for transport experts, the pioneering electric car for e-mobility enthusiasts and the globe for adventurous globetrotters. Each of these key rings contains an integrated, shiny shopping trolley chip. These are not only a practical everyday helper, but also offer the opportunity to present your logo in style with an elegant laser engraving. The beautifully designed metal key rings are an attractive eye-catcher for any bunch of keys.

Bottle opener

Bottle opener RE98-MAUI


We won't tell you whether we were inspired by exotic ocean waves when designing the RE98-MAUI bottle opener. But the result speaks for itself: an elegant aluminium bottle opener that fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its shape and makes opening bottles easier. The bottle opener is available in elegant black or silver. But the RE98-MAUI is more than just a timeless tool - make it your personalised brand ambassador with an elegant laser engraving or pad printing. Ideal for events or in upmarket catering.

RE98-MAUI bottle opener for opening bottles

Salt and pepper mill

RE98-MILLMASTER salt and pepper mill on the dining table

Salt and pepper mill RE98-MILLMASTER


The RE98-MILLMASTER salt and pepper mill combines elegant, modern design with functionality. It is made from real acacia wood and aluminium and has a high-quality ceramic grinder for optimum grinding results. The adjustable grinder allows a grain size from coarse to fine. With its natural wood look and pleasant feel, it enriches every kitchen and dining table. A white and a black silicone ring are included to distinguish the contents. The RE98-MILLMASTER salt and pepper mill offers plenty of space for customised advertising messages. Finishing can be done using pad printing or CO2 laser engraving on the body or laser engraving on the aluminium disc.

Salt and pepper mill RE98-SPICER


The RE98-SPICER salt and pepper mill impresses with its design and quality. Made from acacia wood and stainless steel, it offers an excellent grinding experience thanks to the ceramic grinder. The degree of grinding is adjusted by turning the stainless steel knob. The RE98-SPICER was specially developed for grinding salt and pepper. Place your advertising on this stylish kitchen helper and create a long-lasting brand ambassador. The advertising can be applied to the wooden body using pad printing or CO2 laser engraving. A delicate laser engraving can also be applied to the stainless steel knob.

RE98-SPICER salt and pepper mill on the dining table