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Tailor-made promotional items by REFLECTS®

Colourful posters on the street. Noisy commercials on TV. Animated banners on the Internet: every day a seemingly unmanageable flood of information overwhelms the consumer. If you do not want to disappear with your company or your brand, you have to come up with something special. Cost-effective, well-selected and above all high-quality promotional gifts can make a major difference and give you an important advantage over the competition. Because a promotional item stands out from other advertising media in that it has a decisive advantage: its touch.

Lanyards in different materials

Individual designs and promotional gifts: corporate communications with giveaways, mailing enhancers and on-packs

The advertising item builds a bond between you and your target group and will be remembered for a long time, not least because of its emotional appeal. As a result, the perception of a mailing, that might end up unopened in the wastepaper basket, increases considerably if it is enhanced with a “mailing enhancer” to become a sensual item triggering sensual stimuli for the recipient.

As a distinguished carrier of advertising messages, promotional items are not only among the top performers alongside the company's website, trade fairs, field sales activities, mailings and advertising in trade journals, but also among the top performers when it comes to choosing the most effective means of communication. Advertisers often use it in combination with other activities to amplify the message.

Close-up, various key rings and shopping trolley chips

But why are giveaways or promotional gifts so popular?

That is due to the obvious benefits, the always visible advertising message and the growing demand of its followers. This is also proven by the following impressive figures: More than 70 million people already have advertising or promotional gifts and use them over a long period of time.

Pins, lanyards, shopping trolley chips and reusable bags are among the most popular promotional items. They are useful accessories, merchandise items and giveaways at the same time. They are particularly popular at trade fairs, events and major events such as concerts and festivals. As "on-pack" they tempt customers to buy and as mailing enhancers they attract attention that almost no one can avoid. Also pens, key rings, bottle openers and notepads are giveaways which are very popular.

What is the target group for giveaways?

  • Event agencies
  • Trade fair exhibitors
  • Corporate sales representatives
  • Parties and electoral organisations
  • Public administrations (city festivals)
  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Associations and NGOs
  • Workshops
  • Logistics and construction industry
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Insurances
  • Car industry
  • Hotel and gastronomy
  • Tour operators
  • Book retailers and universities
  • Artists and concert agencies
Various lanyards, pins, shopping trolley chips as promotional items from REFLECTS

Advertising that is memorised: Lanyards, pins, caddy chips, bags & co.

At trade fairs, exhibitors get to experience it up close: A giveaway, the small gift from the trade fair stand, which clever organizers give to their customers for advertising, is highly desired. Many customers even ask for promotional gifts. On the one hand, they are delighted to enjoy the benefits of promotional items such as caddy chips, lanyards, pins and reusable bags. On the other hand, they always enjoy the special feel, beautiful design and premium product quality.

It cannot be denied: Promotional gifts have long outlived their reputation as disposable articles. Sustainable promotional gifts made of environmentally friendly materials with a high user value are no longer a rarity, but instead a demand by many customers. In the meantime there are gigantic collectors fairs and forums on the Internet for pins, and small clip accessories. Also lanyards are not just standard merchandise items to which keys can be attached. Often they also are used as ticket, smartphone and bottle holders. Belts, suitcase straps and short straps and even shoelaces can have additional exciting styles. Shopping trolley chips also belong in every purse or key ring. And in times when bringing a bag for shopping is a must, sturdy reusable bags are very popular.

Promotional item lanyard and matching pin


We can produce promotional items from our concept collection in relatively large quantities. That means for you that you benefit from accordingly low prices. And even with a small budget, your company always generates above-average response figures and a lasting effect with promotional gifts produced by REFLECTS®.

Promotional gifts are ideal, if you want to increase the awareness of your company, your campaign or one of your products from your product range. They create incentives to buy and are a suitable customer loyalty instrument, which can be used, for example, in mailings to your target group. Well selected promotional items are a real image booster for a company, which knows how to use them.


Lanyards and shortstraps in cyan with REFLECTS logo

All-rounders: Lanyards

Whether for the trade fair, merchandising or an event - a lanyard is always a good idea. For the young generation lanyards are a replacement for the key ring. Parents appreciate the free movement of the arms provided by a lanyard: The lanyard offers the possibility to fish for your mobile phone or keys, even with the baby in your hands.

The lanyards gained a lot of attention during big events. Over time they became an appreciated and original mass-produced article with a broad impact. A trend that continues to this day. They are perfect for ticket, identity card and mobile phone holders as well as key rings. You can also design them completely individually with your corporate message to suit your chosen business, marketing and campaign strategy. In addition, lanyards are particularly inexpensive and are ideally suited as promotional gifts.

various key rings with REFLECTS logo

If you want more, you can choose from many different materials and numerous standard accessories such as hooks, mobile phone or bottle holders with an order volume of 150 pieces or more. A Pantone colour or a safety lock are also available.

The design of the ribbon can range from screen printing, weaving, transfer printing, silicone printing, 3D printing, offset printing to hot stamping. The finishing process is not limited to the ribbon alone. It also includes the accessories. Multi-coloured ribbons, rubber labels, doming, laser engraving or pad printing on the accessory as well as multi-coloured connectors are just a few of the possibilities offered by a REFLECTS® lanyard. Shoelaces, glasses laces, short straps, cords, floating wristbands and suitcase belts are also included in the “lanyards” category.


REFLECTS Pins Concepts

Small pieces of jewellery with cult status: Pins.

They are small, elaborately produced and each one is almost a jewel in itself: pins by RELFECTS®. We design and produce them with the utmost precision and deliver them as quickly as possible.

Pins are small pieces of jewellery with cult status. Collectors of individual promotional gifts are very keen on them. Last but not least because they are extremely delicate, look like jewellery and instantly catch the eye. Worn on the lapel, tie, hat or bag, they become declarations of the highest degree. Our bestsellers are pins as stick pins, dress magnets, key rings with chains or pins. We produce them in screen and offset printing, as iron and copper embossing, in cast-iron as well as rubber variety.

In addition, there are many other manufacturing methods and mechanisms possible, from cuff links to ball markers for golf. Suitable packaging increases the decorative effect once again. This aspect also enhances the appeal of the pin as a premium article for customer loyalty and internal marketing.

Our recommendation:

Do you employ outstanding people in your company? Honour their achievements and produce high-quality pins as tie clips, pins or brooches.

Also: You can also reward your customers for their loyalty.


colourful shopping chips

For smart shopping: Caddy chips.

A shopping trip to the grocery store takes place at least once a week. Because you usually do not have any change, but somehow need to unlock the trolley, shopping trolley chips are a welcome accessory. The shopping trolley or caddy chip is very popular as a durable advertising medium. Similar to the pin, it also attracts a large fan community. Not least because it is produced from many materials and with special production techniques and it can be used as a key fob when fitted with the appropriate components.

We offer the whole range of these promotional gifts in accordance with the requirements of the European Coinage Act.

REFLECTS® absolute bestsellers are the caddy chips in the following versions:

  • iron embossing
  • aluminum with embossing
  • screen printing
  • digital printing
  • plastic with screen printing
  • cast iron


Customisable reusable bags

Everything at hand:
multi-purpose bags

According to BUND, more than six billion disposable bags are used in Germany every year. However, since they are largely obsolete, reusable bags are very much fashionable. This is especially good news for those, who take environmental protection seriously and want to act responsibly. With our design for customized bags, you can create an effective promotional bag for your customers that will be used over a long period of time and extensively. Our carrier bags are available in many different designs.

Choose between shopping bags in different sizes or choose a cooling bag. You can choose from a wide range of standard colours for handle and fold. Your bag will be printed using the 4C offset printing process.  Our collection of bags allows you to display your advertising message on a large scale in any design. You can design your bag to your specifications in three simple steps.

MEIN JOHANN - the original

Refined packaging with refined Mein Johann

MEIN JOHANN - Shopping cart unlocker

Practical, popular and with the largest possible advertising space, MEIN JOHANN is an ideal promotional item for a wide target group. On a key ring it accompanies the user through the daily routine. Unlike the classic shopping trolley chip, no chip remains in the deposit slot of the trolley. MY JOHANN is simply inserted into the slot to release it and then pulled out again after the chain is detached. A further plus, no chip will be lost.
Light, robust and with a large refinement surface - MEIN JOHANN is available in six standard shapes, with or without bottle opener. Individual shapes of the shopping trolley releaser are also possible. Both sides can be printed with your design. A find system (KeyRefinder®) can be added optionally. Then a number is embossed on the back, which is registered at the service department. In case of loss or discovery, the key can be assigned to the registered owner.

Pins, lanyards, shopping trolley chips and bags from REFLECTS

This is what your promotional gifts could look like:
On which occasions do you want to distribute your promotional gifts?

Promotional items have different functions. They are a key to first contact, an expression of gratitude or simply a very special commemorative item. Trade fair giveaways help you to overcome customer inhibitions and earn loyalty and sympathy among the customers. People, who are presented with a little gift, are more willing to listen. And mailings, which take representational aspects into account, are read and more easily lead to a purchase.

In addition, promotional gifts also represent real corporate identity. For example, a promotional gift affects the behavior of employees during a sales talk. Through customized promotional gifts, which are the subject of conversation, they can represent their company in a much clearer and more self-confident way than without promotional gifts.

Fair visitors in the corridor

Promotional gifts are an ideal way of communicating with the target group at events such as election events, concerts, sports festivals, celebrations, festivals or promotional tours. Sponsors are able to present themselves, initiate lotteries and let organizers turn their event into a unique experience. Many promotional gifts are treasured for a long time to remember concerts or celebrations, despite their often low value.

As a mailing enhancer, promotional gifts emphasize the value and importance of promotional mailings. Because the haptic aspect of an advertising article cannot be valued highly enough. This is how flat or light promotional gifts add a special touch to a mailing. The recipient feels the item inside the envelope. He becomes curious and opens the letter. The attention is therefore enhanced even before the message is perceived. The reward center of the brain is stimulated, the willingness to accept the message increased. In addition, the effect can be further increased with high-quality packaging, an accompanying letter, a style that deviates from the norm and a professionally written text.

Promotional gifts are door openers for the sales force. If they are competent, they know that a promotional gift will facilitate communication and create a positive atmosphere. The customer will remember product, logo and a friendly sales force. 

Cheap promotional items are also popular as add-on items. They can easily trigger the consumer's desire as on-pack or in-pack. A product with a free extra suggests an added value and is often bought. The purchase decision is clearly influenced.

REFLECTS rebueggel trade fair bags giveaways

Here is an overview of how you can use promotional gifts:

  • As a giveaway at trade fairs and events such as election parties, sports events, festivals.
  • As a confidence-building measure for the field service.
  • As a communication tool.
  • As support for product launches and promotional tours
  • As mailing enhancer for mailings.
  • As on-pack or insert.
  • For customer acquisition.
  • As part of incentives.
  • As a tool for company and trade fair teams.
  • As merchandise items.
  • As a prize for sweepstakes.

Our recommendation:

Align the promotional gifts and promotions used and create a story. 

Golf pin on green polo shirt

What do companies do with a small advertising budget?

Of course, it is not always possible to have a huge budget for a marketing strategy or a communication campaign. But if you raise the budget question and compare the costs and benefits of a promotional gift, then you never pay too much. You can achieve great things even for little money with our promotional items. Even larger quantities can be easily funded and ensure a long-lasting effect.

The advantages of the promotional gifts

  • They are a cost-effective instrument for customer acquisition and retention.
  • They have a high emotional value, which conveys your advertising messages sensually.
  • They are relevant for the recipient and create coherence.
  • They become a collector's item and remain in use for a long time.
  • They are linked to positive events.
  • They act as amplifiers for other advertising media.
  • They are highly individual and always different.

Our recommendation:

You want to establish yourself as a start-up in a new market? Use targeted individual promotional gifts to support your company launch. Your corporate identity and your portfolio will be more easily remembered by your customers with promotional items.

red gift box handover in the office

What are the effects of promotional gifts?

It is proven that The more you communicate the same information through other senses, the more attention you get. This means that with each additional sensory channel that perceives the same message, the brain activity increases. 

Last but not least, it also promotes credibility and trust in your company if you “make it tangible” with a promotional gift. Maintaining the proverb, “Small gifts sustain the friendship.”We believe that the appeal to use a wide range of promotional items could not be any clearer.

colourful pins

In short: promotional gifts advertise and inspire

  • customers look forward to sales calls,
  • people, who become aware of a corporation,
  • fans, who collect pins, love their club or star,
  • car devotees, who want to demonstrate their passion for cars
  • as well as many more.

Quick check:

  • What promotional gifts are suitable for your target group?
  • What are the possibilities of the preferred promotional gift to brand your corporate message?
  • Does the promotional gift of your choice match your overall strategy and the relevant market in terms of design possibilities and perception (by the potential recipient)?
  • What campaigns and measures can be combined with your promotional gift in order to attract attention?
  • What is the form or method of delivery of the item to your target group?
  • Is your promotional gift intended for practical use?