cyan shipping box

Our shipping costs per box

We ship our promotional products worldwide with UPS. To give you as much transparency as possible, you will find a table with the prices for UPS standard shipping per shipping box on this webpage.
Note that there are different prices for express deliveries and special zones, such as islands and outer areas.

Shipping countryUPS standard shipping per shipping box
AT7,90 €
BE6,90 €
BG10,70 €
CH22,50 €
CZ7,60 €
DE6,54 €
DK7,60 €
EE10,70 €
ES11,40 €
FI7,90 €
FR7,90 €
GB13,75 €
GR11,40 €
HR11,40 €
Shipping countryUPS standard shipping per shipping box
HU10,70 €
IE11,40 €
IT7,90 €
LT10,70 €
LU6,90 €
LV10,70 €
NL6,90 €
PL11,40 €
PT11,40 €
RO10,70 €
SE7,90 €
SI11,40 €
SK11,40 €


Effective real-time prices and other shipping options (e.g. express delivery) to the desired delivery address are automatically calculated in your shopping cart. To do this, click on "Checkout" in the shopping cart. In the following overview you can select a shipping method and receive real-time prices. This process is done before you place an order!

How many shipping boxes do I need?

The quantity of articles per shipping box can be found in our webshop in the article details under the section "Packaging". This allows you to calculate how many shipping cartons you need with the quantity of items you have specified.

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