REFLECTS Fidget Spinner

The perfect promotional product - customize with all over print!

Fidget Spinner between thumb and index finger

REFLECTS Fidget-spinner? What is that?

A toy that conquers Europe! The most popular hand toy is the three-leaf version and is available in countless variations.
Our REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner is a fascinating, small hand held toy, which can be rotated quietly between the thumb and index finger, like a vibrating propeller. This product is unlike others and cannot be compared to fidgeting with ball point pens or other tools. This spinner helps individuals that need stress relieve, suffer from anxiety, boredom and brings happiness. It even prevents unhealthy habits such as smoking. The REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner promotes concentration and fits into every pocket. It is the ideal toy in the office.

How can branding be done on the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner?

The REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner can be branded by an expressive all-over printing. It can incorporate photorealistic motifs. Depending on the motif, one has excellent options of dense, soft and gradients colors. Texts are clear and legible. This method can be implemented quickly with no complications.

Alternatively, a pad-printing can be made which is ideal for plastic finishing and multi-colored logos.

REFLECTS Fidget Spinner with 1C, 2C, all over refinement
REFLECTS Fidget Spinner in blue, red, black and white

Where does the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner come from?

The original small toy was invented in the USA. The idea was patented in 1997 by Catherine A. Hettinger. This patent was valid until 2005 and the item was intended to provide a solution for all those who find it difficult to maintain their concentration. The small device fascinates the hands and minds of far more people than the inventor would have ever known. Platforms were developed quickly, on which the fans displayed pieces of equipment with the devices that demonstrate their favorites and the range of variation.

Why do you need the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner?

Anyone can handle the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner. It does not require special skills and can be used immediately without practicing. Hold the ball bearing between your thumb and index finger and begin the spin the toy. The REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner will rotate by itself for a while from the built-in ball bearing. The toy brings a positive vibrating effect from the inner balance and provided a sense of relaxation and calmness. Alternatively the product can be placed on the table and can be spun around. In trains, waiting rooms, classrooms, bureaus and stops, they are the perfect substitute for smartphone scrolling.

Who can use the REFLECTS Fidget Spinner?

Everyone can use the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner. It is particularly suitable for those who require constant movement that are unable to keep their hands calm and require relaxation in stressful situations. REFLECTS-Fidget Spinners help overcome tense situations and provide calmness. The toy is also perfect for those who want to train their skills with the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner.

What can I do with the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner?

The easiest way to use the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner is to move it between the thumb and index finger, or gently rotate it on the table. The internet displays fantastic instructions, artistic tricks and tips, which explains how to use the small device.

What different types of models exist?

Fidget Spinner is available in many different variations. Not only do materials and shapes differ, but also the built-in ball bearings differ from each other. The quality differs from each individual spinner and may require a longer processing time. High quality Fidget Spinners are characterized by a relatively low-noise ball bearing.
Particularly popular and widespread are the three-leafed fidget spinners, which make a fast turn possible and require little effort.