The MY-KEY-DISTANCE key ring

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Avoid surface contact

In times of increased danger of infection by viruses or bacteria, the current priority is to improve the level of hygiene. This includes washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, sneezing into the crook of your arm and perhaps not shaking hands. These are possible measures to avoid a smear or droplet infection. There are many things to consider, especially concerning smear infections. The key question is always: Which surfaces are frequently used and thus possibly contaminated? For many of us, this translates into going through the world with open eyes and being a little more careful when touching surfaces that may be heavily contaminated.

Opening the door with hygiene hooks
Press lift button with hygiene tool


Exactly at this point the RE98 MY-KEY-DISTANCE comes into action! If you don't want to touch an object or a surface that is frequently used, simply use this tool. The "MY-KEY-DISTANCE" is a well-designed device that can be easily carried on a key ring and is used whenever a direct contact with a surface is not necessarily required. It assists in opening doors, it takes over pressing the buttons in elevators, it opens the doors in trams or takes over the ringing of doorbells. At the same time, it is an inconspicuous companion that, when not in use, decorates your keys. Thus the MY-KEY-DISTANCE is a classic problem solver from REFLECTS® which offers wonderful possibilities for use as a promotional item. MY-KEY-DISTANCE has a registered EU design.


Pictogram Application example My-Key-Distance on keypad
Pictogram Application Hygiene Tool My-Key-Distance on the lift
Open door pictogram with My-Key-Distance

Possible colours:

MY-KEY-DISTANCE in silver, black, red and blue

Ex stock

colourful My-Key-Distance hygiene tool

Special colours

available from a quantity of 10,000 pieces

MY-KEY-DISTANCE refined with laser engraving

Customizing Options: Laser engraving

MY-KEY-DISTANCE in blue with packaging