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Hygiene hook Application on the lift

Hygiene tool

Insert shopping trolley chip into slot

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Opening the bottle cap with MY-CADDY-DISTANCE

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MY-CADDY-DISTANCE as a keyring pendant on a key ring

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key ring


More than just a hygiene tool:
Key ring My-Caddy-Distance

A high-quality all-rounder for our new everyday life - The counterpart of the hygienic key ring MY-KEY-DISTANCE offers many functions: This prevents the article from touching a possibly contaminated surface. Lift buttons, push buttons to insert your pin numbers or door handles are frequently used. With help of our hygiene key ring, you do not need to touch any of these with your hands.  Even in times after COVID-19 MY-CADDY-DISTANCE can still be used. Our sense of cleanliness and hygiene has undergone an evolution that will allow us to be more careful in the future. 

The practical key ring is also equipped with a bottle opener and an integrated caddychip. The article is available from Cologne in high-quality matt silver with shiny silver chip made of nickel-plated iron. Our article, which is available immediately from stock, has a 1.5-1.6 mm thick chip (according to German coinage law) and is embossed on one side with a neutral motif. The holder can be refined with a laser engraving. Our experienced sales team will be happy to assist you in customising the key ring and especially the chip. The shopping trolley chip can be customised in different designs from 500 pieces upwards. 

MY-CADDY-DISTANCE (Art. No. 10356) is a registered utility patent.


MY-CADDY-DISTANCE finishing examples

Your caddy chip

You prefer a shopping trolley chip according to your own design? From 500 pieces, you can order your customised caddychip from us. Possible is a chip made of iron with embossing, designed on one side (according to Pantone) or or an engraving.

Since this article is especially being produced for you, the order requires a little extra time. If you prefer a quick solution, you can opt for the MY-CADDY-DISTANCE with neutral chip, which is stored in Cologne. The motif on the shiny silver chip is an embossed shopping trolley. However, you have the option of refining the holder with a high-quality laser engraving.

MY-CADDY-DISTANCE Packing on Table

Packing and Inlay 

The key ring is nicely packed in a transparent polybag with inserted card. In this way, every MY-CADDY-DISTANCE can be distributed to customers in a hygienic and eye-catching way. For better understanding of the article, the functions of the all-rounder are explained with clearly arranged pictograms on the back of the inserted card.

6 different MY-CADDY-DISTANCE finishing examples