Close-up of various lanyards


A strong bond between you and your customers

These eye-catching and high-quality lanyards are true organisational talents with a high utility value. The promotional item is particularly popular as a key holder or practical lanyard to which tickets or ID cards can be attached. Lanyards prove their worth time and again at trade fairs. This means that trade visitors always have their trade fair badge at hand and do not have to search for it in their bag or backpack.

In addition, lanyards also fulfil a secondary benefit that companies appreciate – printed lanyards are "advertising to wear around your neck". As advertising ambassadors with countless design options, they have a high brand presence and optimum advertising effectiveness.

When it comes to "your" customised lanyard, there are no limits to your imagination – whether it's the materials, colours, printing techniques, bandwidth, connector or the safety buckle (such as a carabiner with ID cover or mobile phone holder).

blue lanyard with black satin ribbon


Metal carabiners (103)


metal connector (714)


Lanyard with reflective seam

25 mm polyester strap/20 mm satin strap (FPS25/20)

Safety clip

black plastic safety clip (803)

close-up key strap in grey with car motif logo print

Basics. Keep it simple.

Our basic lanyards are everything but “basic” – in their ready- made configurations they fulfil almost every requirement! Learn more about our inspiring 14 lanyard configurations. We are starting with a selection of polyester weaves and nylon materials with a standard carabiner and move up to sustainable materials such as cotton and bamboo. Our basics offer a wide range of options even from as few as 150 pieces and provide a prominent advertising space. Regardless of whether you choose silkscreen printing, transfer printing or a weaving – our basic models will leave a lasting impression with any customising option.

green lanyard with white print

LAN FP20-102

Material: Flat polyester

grey keychain with print

LAN FN20-102

Material: Flat nylon

Blue lanyards with white print

LAN WP20-102

Material: Woven polyester

Lanyard narrow in orange

LAN TP10-102-601

Material: Tubular polyester

colourful hot transfer lanyard

LAN HT20-102

Material: Smooth polyester

Lanyard example with elastic label - blue black


Material: Polyester-cord, 2-coloured

Example Lanyard with elastic label - white green


Material: Wooly Cord, 2-coloured

Example Lanyard with Satin Label - red black

LAN FPS25/20-116-700

Material: Flat polyester with satin label

Lanyard example Sport

LAN FPWL25/20-116-700

Material: Flat polyester with woven label

Example yard automobile

LAN CP25-116-720

Material: Polyester checkered pattern

natural ribbon materials for lanyards

Sustainability. For the environment.

The term „sustainable“ is usually applied to products made from natural raw materials or recycled materials. Items made of bamboo, cotton, recycled PET and cork are established parts of our range of products. After all, when it comes to sustainability, we not only focus on the long-lasting quality of our products, but also take a close look at its environmental impact. Besides offering a wide range of lanyards, we target to enhance the awareness for a more conscious use of our valuable resources and get you on board with eco friendly products.

Lanyard material cotton

LAN CTN20-102

Material: Cotton
Bamboo Lanyard Strap

LAN BAM20-102

Material: Bamboo
Lanyard strap - Recycled PET

LAN RPET20-102

Material: Recycelted PET

Lanyard strap - cork

LAN CK20-102

Material: Cork


Close-up lanyard strap with carabiner

Our materials. More diversity.

The variety of our materials is outstandingly wide and differs in touch and feel. In addition to standard materials such as flat woven polyester or smooth nylon straps, combinations of polyester with sewn-on satin label are among our top sellers. For all possible options, we always keep your logo in focus. And that‘s why, for example, woven labels are a perfect and visible space for your customer logo. Create your personal lanyard by using outstanding materials. Combine your chosen material with a perfectly fitting accessory and your logo.

Lanyard material - flat woven polyester in mint


  • Synthetic material
  • Polyester stands out for its durability and inexpensiveness
  • It has a high stability and flexibility and therefore is durable and tear resistant
  • Fibers can easily be dyed
Lanyard material flat woven nylon in grey


  • Synthetic material
  • Finer weaving compared to polyester
  • High durability and stability
  • Tear-resistant
  • Glossy surface makes the nylon strap look high-quality

Lanyard - Material - Smooth polyester in black with white logo


  • Synthetic material
  • The strength of the strap makes it extremely durable
  • Fine and soft surface texture
  • The soft surface is perfect for film printing or heattransfer
  • Gloss gives a high-quality look

Lanyard in orange - round woven polyester


  • Tabular polyester fits around the neck and comfortable to wear
  • Ideal for silkscreen printed logo

Woven polyester lanyard - red logo on black


  • Synthetic, durable material
  • Elegant and fine to the touch
  • The logo blended in with the materials
  • Multicolour weaving of the polyester strap is also possible

Flat woven polyester lanyard with satin label


  • Polyester strap in combination with an elegant glossy satin label
  • The premium satin label is a significant upgrade to the polyester strap

Flat woven polyester lanyard with woven label


  • Flat woven polyester merged with Web-label is an ideal platform for your advertising message.
  • Structured and resistant material

Jeans Lanyard


  • Basic material: denim
  • Durable cotton fabric
  • Denim fabric is trendy and looks casual around your neck


Detail view - lanyard with clip and silicone print

Customisations. Lasting impression.

The variety of our customisation options is wide. Every customer logo appears prominent in its own way. High-quality finishing is the heart of every lanyard, complemented with variety of materials and cool accessories. Silkscreen printing up to seven colours, multi-colour weaving or digital transfer printing are among the options for our „Basics“ that we produce on a daily basis for our customers. We offer further customisation options that create a haptic surface, such as a 3-D printing, silicone printing or an embossing. Learn more about our wide variety of customizations.

Lanyard with screen printed lettering


Almost every lanyard can be printed up to 7 colours with silk-screen printing. The silk-screen printing process is a widely used stencil printing process.
By using a rubber blade the logo is pressed through a fine-meshed screen direcly onto the lanyard.

Lanyard with Logo Advertising


Weaving is one of the oldest techniques when it comes to the production of fabrics.The threads – the longitudinal thread on the one hand and the transverse thread on the other – are interwoven at the right angles.

Lanyard with transfer print


For a transfer printing, the logo is printed on a carrier film first. With the aid of a transfer press the logo is eventually pressed at high temperature onto a white polyester base material. The high temperature press makes the surface structure of the lanyard smooth. The graphics is printed with CMYK colours.

Lanyard with three-dimensional print


In a 3D printing process, multiple applications of a transparent base make the motif three-dimensional and in relief. In this way, your advertising is not only beautiful to look at, but feels pleasant to touch. 3D-printing also allows multicolour variants.

Lanyards with logo and lettering in silicone print


Silicone printing is similar to 3D printing but the silicone is applied to the strap to make the logo appear in relief. Silicone printing looks particularly striking with lettering.

Lanyard with embossed lettering


Using an embossing mold, the logo is thermo-mechanically pressed onto the lanyard and thus is very durable.

Lanyard with colourful offset print


We are able to create logos with colour gradients with offset printing, however, this is only possible on parts of the strap. Since offset printing only covers the spots where the logo is printed, the structure of the strap – unlike with transfer printing – stays unchanged.

Silver high gloss print on lanyard


Metallic foil printing is possible on smooth polyester material. In this case, the logo is applied to the lanyard with a metallic foil with glossy gold or silver coating by pressure and heat.

Close-up - Rubber label on lanyard


When producing a rubber label, liquid rubber is molded in one or two layers. The hardened, flexible label is sewn onto the lanyard using the grooves on the edges.

Lanyards with logo as deep weave - close-up


The logo is woven into the strap by using different weaving method. This creates a relief-like structure on the lanyard.

Reflective lanyards

Lanyard with reflective stitching


A yarn, containing particles that reflect the light back at the same angle is woven into the lanyard.

Reflective tape - finishing on lanyards


The particles in the reflective foil reflect the light back at the same angle. The foil is then applied on a polyester strap and then customised with a silkscreen print.

Photoluminescent screen print on lanyard


The glow-in-the-dark effect is created with a luminescent colour in silkscreen printing. The colour includes pigments that are activated with UV light and slowly fade when the light source is extinguished.


open lanyard catalogue - page accessories

For us, anything but a minor matter:

Only the right accessoire makes your lanyard something special – and a real eye-catcher with high utility value. REFLECTS® offers you a wide range of possible accessories: various connecting pieces (e.g. buckles, clamps and stoppers) as well as various safety buckles.

You can choose from more than 20 different carabiners. In addition, there are a variety of key rings, mobile phone loops and clips as well as holders for bottles, glasses, cards and ski passes. We are also happy to supply you with numerous other accessories. Just let us advise you individually.

Lanyard accessories like buckles with print or engraving

Customisation of accessories. Because it’s even more individual.

Selected accessories from our collection can be individualised with impressive customisation options. Popular options like are engravings on metal pieces or materials that printed or dyed with CI-compliant colours augments the impression of a lanyard. Plating of the attachments or domings are also popular ways of attention-grabbing customizations. Learn more about our individualisation options for attachments.

Gold plating on lanyard components


Plating is a technology that originates from metal processing, whereby the accessory is coated with a durable coating. It is often referred to as ion plating, which makes attachments such as metallic carabiners or connectors shine in gold. A gun metal plating is also possible. This coating creates a stronger protection of the surface ensures a stylish appearance.

Blue anodisation on carabiner on lanyard


Anodising is a surfacing technology in which an oxidic protective layer is applied to the aluminium base material. This technique allows different colours to be applied to aluminium based accessories. Anodising is only possible on aluminium surfaces and – in contrast to plating – no coating is applied to the material.

Flat woven polyester lanyard with satin label


To achieve a higher advertising impact, our plastic accessories can be easily dyed to Pantone colours. The wide range of colours ensures a CI-compliant product and allows colour matching of the lanyard with the accessories.

Laser engraving on lanyard accessories


We recommend laser engraving of the logo on metal connecting pieces for a stylish, yet unintruding effect. Laser engravings on metal connectors are popular, frequently chosen addition to the usual customisations of the lanyard.

Screen print on lanyard closure


The plastic connectors can be utilized for additional logo placement by silkscreen printing. As it is a prominent area, the accesory appears even more individual, reaching full advertising effect.

Doming accessory on lanyard


The doming technique is used to create a three-dimensional, decorative and curved area on a flat surface. Viscous epoxy is applied to a sticker and then hardened under UV-light, which makes it a doming sticker. A common application of doming is on the designated area of a ski pass holder. There are further possibilites to apply a doming sticker to selected carabiners and connectors.

various lanyards mounted - lanyard variety

Configure your individual lanyard

1. Choose the right material

2. Choose the type of finishing

3. Choose accessories

REFLECTS® lanyards

various lanyards from REFLECTS

Advertising on your own behalf: quality and value

Exclusive, high-quality and comfortable to wear – these are just some of the benefits that distinguish REFLECTS® lanyards. Here are some more:

  • Versatile: We regularly develop new accessories and include other innovative accessories in our range.
  • Natural: We use newly developed, natural and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Safe: Our special quality management ensures a high level of product safety at all times.
  • Sustainable: Our lanyards are not disposable items – in fact, they can be used over a long period of time.
  • Certified: We use recycled PET with a certificate.
  • Effective: Lanyards from REFLECTS® strengthen a long-term advertising effect with a lasting impression.

Detailed view - Lanyard safety fastener

Play it safe in any case:
REFLECTS® lanyards guarantee product safety.

Product safety is the be-all and end-all for us. The European safety standard for toys DIN EN 71 formulates clear guidelines on what is important for a toy in terms of safety. And since lanyards can be worn by children or children can come into contact with them, we attach great importance to ensuring that the requirements of this standard are met. For example, we use special fasteners to ensure that strangulation does not occur.

Furthermore, we also make sure that our lanyards do not emit any harmful substances that can be absorbed through saliva and sweat, for example. And we take into account the prohibitions and requirements of the German Food and Feed Code (LFGB). For example, no products may be placed on the market that are harmful to human health or are misleading due to their name, make-up or presentation.

Last but not least, we always keep the size of our products in mind. Our lanyards are dimensioned and processed in such a way that they cannot be swallowed.