Stylish and high-quality clock and thermometer series RETIME-Rock black and white

RETIME-Rock: The brand new series of desk clock and thermometer

Time to Rock!

Product numbers: 70888-220 / 70888-Solar / 70888-Thermo

  • REFLECTS® Inhouse-design protected by design patent
  • High-quality metal desk clock and thermometer with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Extra durable materials
  • Invisible solar panel for the solar-powered clock
  • Individual design options
  • Highly visible advertising surfaces
  • 5 years warranty

Stylish set of desk clock and thermometer
Timeless glamour

The new RETIME-Rock is an innovative redesign of the popular desk clock series LolliClock®-Rock, which won the Promotional Gift Award 2013. All the new product variants are entirely made of metal, giving the articles an exclusive visual and haptic appearance. Due to the weight of the high-quality material, the three RETIME-Rocks are reminiscent of a smooth pebble that fits in your hand.

The series consists of three product variants: a battery-operated desk clock, a solar powered desk clock and an analogue thermometer. All three are available in black or white lacquer with anti-fingerprint coating.

Battery-powered desk watches of RETIME-Rock in black and white as promotional items

The battery-operated desk clock
A glimpse into the time

The desk clock features superb craftsmanship and minimalist styling, just like other RETIME-Rock-variants. The metal dial, the shiny silver hands and the bezel turn the clock into an excellent décor piece for any office desk or book shelf.

  • Case, dial and bezel made of metal
  • Quartz movement with three handsQuarzuhrwerk mit drei Zeigern
  • Minimalist hour markers
  • Hardened mineral glass
  • Advertising on the dial
  • Anti-slip felt stand

The solar-operated desk clock
Powered by the sun

The clock powered by solar energy can be recognized by a silver sun symbol on the dial. The invisible solar panel is hidden inside the construction. The clock was consciously developed according to our sustainability concept, ensuring that the impact on the environment is reduced by the use of renewable energy. Tip: The desk clock works perfectly even without direct sunlight.

  • Metal case, dial and bezel
  • Quartz movement with three hands
  • Minimalist hour markers
  • Hardened mineral glass
  • Advertising on the dial
  • Anti-slip felt stand
Solar powered desk watch of RETIME Rock in black and white as promotional items
Thermometers of RETIME Rock as promotional items in black and white

The Thermometer
Room temperature always in sight

Whether black or white - the RETIME-Rock Thermometer looks great in both styles. The scale from 4° to 36° Celsius is displayed in a semicircle with a beautiful colour gradient. The analogue thermometer extends the functionality of the RETIME-Rock series, forming a beautiful, harmonious unit with the desk clocks.

  • No battery required
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 degree
  • Metal case, dial and bezel
  • Hardened mineral glass
  • Advertising on the dial
  • Anti-slip felt base
 Stylish and high-quality clock and thermometer series RETIME-Rock black and white
White RETIME ROCK desk watch with full surface printing on the dial
Black RETIME-Rock thermometer and desk watch as promotional items
Promotional desk watches and thermometers RETIME-Rock in black and white
Black RETIME ROCK desk watch with full surface printing on the dial
White RETIME Rock thermometer with logo on the dial

The finishing
Make your brand memorable

RETIME-Rock provides a perfect stage for customized advertising. Your logo or slogan can be ideally presented on the dial of the clocks or the thermometer. Tip: The logo will leave a particularly long-lasting impression with an individual full-surface imprint. Our exciting finishing options are:

  • UV print (4C) from 25 pieces
  • Screen printing from 25 pieces
  • UP relief from 25 pieces
  • Custom colour case from 200 pieces

The packaging
For a well-received surprise

We would like to make sure that you not only offer your customers first-class products, but also present them in attractive packaging. The new RETIME-Rocks are delivered in a high-quality gift packaging. To complement your branded product, the lid of the box is printable and a white inner foam makes it safe for transport.

High-quality packaging for the promotional watch series RETIME Rock
All the variantsof RETIME ROCK desk watches and thermometers in black and white

The marketing
Let the Rocks get known

Though we are strongly convinced that quality is the best promotion, we provide marketing materials to ensure that good quality receives the attention it deserves. By doing so, we help to make both the timepieces and your brand soon be the talk of the town. Options are as follows:

  • High-quality product photos for download
  • 360-degree animated product video with your individual logo
  • Samples as illustrative specimens

Special designs
There are no limits to your creativity

Just like for other products, we also offer the possibility of implementing special requests for all RETIME-Rock product variants. Send us an enquiry to get more ideas! What’s possible:

  • Individual design of the dial from 25 pieces
  • Individual colours for cases and hands from 200 pieces
Special design for RETIME Rock watches, thermometer and packaging with customized colors and logos

Our LolliClock® watches as promotional items

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