4 children's watches with gift box and learning tool to learn the clock

Kid’s watches as brand ambassadors

Kid's watches and learning tool "learning to read the watch".

Item Numbers: 72001, 72002, 72003

From an early age, we are imprinted on brands. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to inspire kids at a young age for a brand in a playful way and to promote brand awareness. Your target group cannot read the time yet? No problem. Our set contains a completely personalised kid's watch in high-quality packaging with learning tool. Each watch also comes with a paper watch as a learning tool to teach children how to tell the time. The watch and the packaging can be adapted to the corporate identity of the advertising company.

Individual, playful and high quality

Kids watch set with gift box kids watch and learning watch

The packaging

  • Individual paper sleeve
  • Plastic gift box

The Strap

  • Straps in different variations
  • Silicone, Nylon und camouflage Nylons
  • Individualization for straps: Laser engraving, print and embossing

The watches

  • Three variations: 72003, 72002 and 72001
  • Sleek and robust alloy case
  • Dial individualization: Silkscreen print, digital offset print and embossing 

The learning tool

  • Easy to assemble
  • Learning tool
  • Individual custom design possible
white plastic packaging of children's watch


  • White gift packaging with playful wave design between box and lid
  • White presentation foam
  • Transparent lid

Banderole of the children's watch gift box

Paper Sleeve

  • Paper sleeve wrapped around gift packaging
  • Individualization from 25 pcs.
  • Custom design

Cardboard learning aids for learning to tell the time

Learning tool

  • Learning tool to teach kid’s how to read the watch
  • Easy to assemble
  • Included in packaging
  • Custom design from 100 pieces

blue camouflage kids watch with robust case

Kid’s watch 

  • 3 different models: 72003(⌀ 27 mm), 72002(⌀ 33 mm) and 72001 (⌀ 32 mm)
  • Custom nylon- and silicone straps from 300 pieces
  • Nylon also in camouflage design available
  • Alloy cases

Three models for kids from our RETIME® Collection

pink kids watch with white dots

Pink model  

Item number: 72003

A small, petite yet robust alloy case in 27mm diameter combined with a beautiful silicone strap with optional finishing options.

blue kids watch with camouflage pattern

Blue model 

Item number: 72002

An eye-catching and robust alloy case with playful bezel in 33mm diameter combined with a nylon strap with Velcro strap.

green and orange kids watch

Neutral model 

Item number: 72001

A simple but robust metal alloy case in 32mm diameter.

Kids watch set in different colours with learning clock
Kids watch set with gift box kids watch and learning material

What’s included in the Kid’s watch-set?

The kids' watch comes in a round gift box with a foam insert and a transparent lid. The box is wrapped in a paper sleeve and a learning tool in the form of a paper watch with die-cut hands is included. Of course, a warranty booklet and an instruction manual are not missing. The box resembles a toy and is particularly appealing to children. High-quality advertising for children from 6 years.

Kids play with learning watch

Are you able to read the watch?

A watch is a great goodie - but children need to be able to tell the time. The box contains a learning tool especially for kids. A large paper watch and punched, movable hands can be assembled into a learning aid. With the help of adults, the little ones can be taught to tell the time. An instruction manual is included.

children's watches on the wrist

Brand preference and loyalty for the little ones

Children acquire a distinct sense for brands as early as kindergarten and school. Advertising directed at children and young people is continuously increasing in the double-digit percentage range (see German Institute Iconkids & Youth). The basis for this is the realisation that children in their social environment have more and more influence on purchase-related issues, not only when it comes to purchases that affect the children and young people themselves. Parents are more and more in the influence of their children.

Another important aspect is brand loyalty from childhood on. During the childhood phase, brand affinities develop that usually last a lifetime. Take a look at yourself and see which commercials you remember from your childhood. Successful marketers already address children and young people in terms of a long-term and cross-generational campaign strategy. The purpose is clear: children and young people grow up with a brand and associate positive things with it throughout their lives

Child tinkering with learning clock

Individualization and finishing of the kids watches

Our watches for kids offer a lot of wonderful finishing options. In addition to the classic finishing options on the dial in silkscreen print, an digital offset print or UP-relief elements, finishes are possible from small quantities within the paper sleeve and the learning tool.

  • From 25 pieces the sleeve can be printed with customers logo and CI colors
  • From 100 pieces the paper sleeve can be fully individualized in custom design
  • From 25 pieces we place the customer logo in our standard design on the dial in the most suitable finishing technique.
  • From 100 pieces we individualize the kids watches in the complete design of your brand from dial to strap.
  • From 100 pieces we can additionally refine the learning tool for the clock in your brand design and design a complete individual clock. If you are below the minimum quantity, a learning tool in our standard RETIME design is always included.

Sample in online shop

Kids watch RETIME-Kid's watch UNISEX-002 green 32mm
Kids watch RETIME-Kid's watch UNISEX-002 green 32mm
Product No.: 72001-002
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from €19.16​
Kids watch RETIME-Kid's watch BOYS-001 blue 33mm
Kids watch RETIME-Kid's watch BOYS-001 blue 33mm
Product No.: 72002
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from €22.61​
Kids watch RETIME-Kid's watch GIRLS-001 pink 27mm
Kids watch RETIME-Kid's watch GIRLS-001 pink 27mm
Product No.: 72003
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from €21.00​
green children's watch on wrist


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